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cyprus island land class and scenery and larnaca airport update?


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hi aerosoft just wanted to know if you was every going to do the scenery for cyprus for all the island. as its such an importent island were it sits in 3 different continents europ africa and asia. its such a beautiful island soooo much can be done with it. the defalt cyprus is to green in some places were it shoudent. it should be more dry and arred. its also to flat cyprus is quit hilly qith winding back roads and small cypriot villeges... ah i could go on for ages talking about it i just love cyprus. and i know it would be a great secnery. :) please say you will :) and also i noticed some things to be added to the larnaca scenery like the larnaca airport sign on the round about in greek letters, and some round balls that light up at night at the entrance of the airport and some big advertisment bill bords on the main moter way to the airport. if you every need pics i will gladly try to help.

many thanks

l. christou

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