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How to improve my current PC?

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Hi all,

Currently I have the following set-up:

- Intel Core i7-950 (stock speed, 3.06 Ghz)

- 6 GB RAM

- Geforce GTX 275

- Intel 320 SSD with 300 GB

- Windows 7 x64 SP1

- FS9 with 9.1 update applied

FS2004 runs smoothly most of the times, but when using heavier add-ons like the QW146/QW757 with KJFK from FSDreamTeam, or Flightbeam's KFSO FPS drops in the 15/20's. Also I would like to do some more with FSX. Whan is the quick win for my machine? A new graphics card maybe? Or wait and buy an entirely new machine with a new i7 family?



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Hi. I think the first thing you should look at is overclocking your CPU. This will gain you FPS. Secondly, maybe a more powerful graphics card, particularly for use with FSX.

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Hi Chris, thanks for the reply. Overclocking is not my cup of tea, so will probably not do that. Will FS9 also benefit from a new Video card? Which one would you advise?

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  • Administrator

An overclock might get you 5% more fps, hardly worth the effort. A new graphics card might get you better looking frames in FSX but not a lot more, certainly not in FS9.

There is not a lot to gain for you. Picking the best add-ons where possible (the ones you mention are not the fastest) and being careful with settings is the best you can do. Above anything else never look at FPS and just enjoy FSX. People look far too much at numbers and they spend far to much on gaining not a lot.

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