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airbus x - ils approach problem

Roman Kuca

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Hello from Cze,

I bought Airbus X over fspilotshop before few weeks, and training every day, with your "step-by-step" guide. But I found few problems, so I would like to ask you for your help:

- take-off, climbing, cruise and descent is without problems. Troubles begun with ILS. I set on MCDU the frequency for VOR 1 and heading course of runway. By pressing LOC button the plane start heading for the runway, but after I press the APPR button, LOC will switched off and there is no g/s, the plane is still in the same altitude, so I ever missed the runway. Where can be a problem? I set only freq for VOR 1, what about the VOR 2 (and other data in rad/nav section)? Could be this the problem?

Thank you for the answer


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Hi Herman,

Thanx for your answer. Of course, I read step 129 many times. The problem is not with LOC, plane is heading runway without problems, but g/s, after I push the APPR button, LOC will switched off and the plane doesn´t descending. R.

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Hi. You should enter the ILS frequency in the ILS section of the MCDU rather than VOR.

Also, it should be sufficient just to press APPR as LOC is for localiser only. You should intercept from below the GS in order for the Bus to descend.

Once the GS is captured press AP2 so that both AP1 and AP2 are engaged.

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