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I'm trying to set the weight of the tac charts I downloaded from Flightsim.com per the folowing instructions in the fac readment file:

If you are also using my Sectional Charts for the United States, these will automatically load and replace the Sectional textures when your aircraft enters the area covered by the TAC. In order to make sure this happens correctly, use the Weight feature of FSM Moving Map to make sure the TACs have a higher Weight value than the Sectionals. You can modify them all at the same time using the "Mass Update" function of FSMMM.

The problem is, I can't find the "Weight feature" anyhwhere in FSMap nor the "Mass Update" function"!

Another problem is that the version of FSMap I purchased and downloaded from PC Aviator is 1.0.2 and the latest version according to the FSMap website is 1.2.1. Where can I get the update (since I didn't purchase it from the Aerosoft online store I can't download it from there)?!


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FSMMM is another product and has nothing do to with FSMap. In FSMap you need to modify the map priority. I think that's similar to the weight property in FSMMM.

I think you'll need to register your copy in the Aerosoft online shop to get access to the latest version of FSMap. If not then send an email to the FSMap support address.



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