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Eskimo john

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Do you guys have any cheap plots? I want to mainly fly gliders, so I only want like a little apartment for "vacations" and the like. If I could have like a grass/gravel place to park a glider/motorglider that would be so cool. Though I really can't spare much more than like... 20-30 bucks*, and that's stretching it for me, unfortunately. *sad violin* :boohoo_s:

*Edit: Excuse me, 20 USD*


As to not double post, I will just say it here, should I create a new topic for this? If I don't get a reply in two (2) days, I'll just go ahed and make it.

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We still have a couple of Helicopter plots for sale Lamb... If you want one of those - let me know! I have one of those myself and like it a lot.

Try as hard as I can I mostly crash helicopters, so I am sure nobody would want to live next to me.

What I need is a place to park a thing of beauty, a Catalina.

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Yeah my dad was always saying that to me, and it really sucked. I hate to say it but he was right :lol: Seeing as its just me running the joint now things might be a little slow coming. For the I apologise, but I have a 50 hour week full time job, a part time job and family life to lead. But, we will get there!

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BUBU, I don't think you'll get a response. Since Ole Andreasen has retired, there was only Matt_Smith trying to keep Andras Fields going but he's now taking a well deserved break because he is the only one left who was interested in Andras Fields.

As far as the plot goes, I was interested at one time but now the only plot I seek is their graveyard. I'm sorry to be blunt but Andras Fields has become a ghost town with tumbleweed which saddens me. I even miss the banter of fellow members and their flight experiences etc. Alas they are all gone. :( Such a shame.

Anyhoooo, good luck with your plot mate.

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