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Mathijs Kok

FSX crashes

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With any complex add-on there are risks of the simulator crashing and often these issues are very very hard to debug if we cannot recreate them. Let me put that another way. If you take a blank computer, install windows (and update it), install FSX/P3D (and update it), install the Airbus X Extended we are 100% sure there will be no crashes to the desktop. But there are a a kazillion different configurations of hardware and software and problems will occur. What's important is how we handle those.

  • What we will always ask is what your OS is. Windows 7/64 bits and Windows 8/64 bits are by far preferred as they are the most stable and provide the most memory (assuming you got at least 4 GB). If you got Vista/32 bits and have a lot of programs in memory it is easy to run out of memory.
  • What we will always ask is what tweaks you done to FSX. We handle over 100 support tickets a day and 10% (!!) of those are solved by deleting the FSX.cfg and letting FSX build a new one. There are thousands of tweaks suggested on the Internet and a good deal of them are just nonsense.
  • We will also ask you to go to an area where you do not have any add-on scenery and to lower your scenery setting to the lowest settings. If that prevents the problem it means that there is something that overloads the system.

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