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Throttle and FADEC issues

Mathijs Kok

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Because the Airbus uses a complex power control system, known as a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control), the throttle axis of your controller hardware has to be intercepted. It cannot remain linked to the engines as it is in many other aircraft. The module we wrote reads the output of the throttle and feeds it to the FADEC module. The Auto Throttle system will then demand a certain speed and the FADEC module then decided how much thrust the engine should provide. In most flights the pilot will set the throttle to the CL(imb) indent soon after take-off and leave it there until the last minute of the flight! In this mode the throttles are only used to set the maximum power level demanded by the Auto Throttle System.

Because of this we simply need a throttle axis and the Airbus engines cannot be controlled with the keyboard. Should it not function as expected on your system there are a few things you can do;

  • Fully calibrate your control hardware, this will ensure the input that is read has the full range and the correct center points.
  • If you use FSUIPC to handle the throttle axis read this topic: http://forum.aerosof...t-instructions/
  • Consider NOT using any of the software that comes with the hardware. They are simply not needed in FSX and we have seen them cause problems. A lot of them are very poorly written and many cause regular pauses in FSX. If you want to assign special functions to buttons FSX has all the options you need for that.

Of course reverse thrust can still be selected with the keyboard!

Real weather (and almost all weather add-ons) and any turbulence can cause strong changes in wind direction in FSX (FS2004 was much better in this) and this can cause the Auto Throttle systems to react strongly to the changes in IAS. If this a problem for you we advice you to use the wind smoothing options in FSUIPC. This greatly enhances the realism of the weather and makes the Airbus fly better. Other addons like Active Sky also have options like this.


Some additional tweaks to the fsx.cfg can help a lot. There is very good information about this effect on this page: http://support.hifit...raft-autopilots

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