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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2012

Raphael Jakob

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A short text about the trip to Oshkosh...have fun ;)

19.07.2012 - 22:01

It's time to prepare everything for the big trip...packing the luggage -> omg that's boring but okay nearly done...all the paperwork (esta, tickets, car) -> done....all the aerosoft stuff we have to take with us -> will be done tomorrow.

okay nearly ready, that's cool. So now it's time to relax and prepare for the last day in the office tomorrow.

21.07.2012 - 11:00

Finally we got to the airport… what a trip ;) somebody left his luggage in the train station at Düsseldorf airport and the police was on alert. Tim didn't see the luggage and he just tried to walk through the circle of police officers around the luggage when a police officer stopped him….it was funny to see it :D

But now we have to fight against our fear of flying with the last german beer for two weeks :D i'm kidding…we are just searching for reason to drink a beer at 11 o'clock in the morning ;)

21.7.2012 - Time? i don't know

Somewhere over the ocean….still over 3 hours to go and i can't sit anymore but the service onboard is actually really good (nice stewardess, nice food, nice drinks)

21.7.2012 - 16:00

we made it…finally we landed to Chicago (it was a hard landing and the airline will have to pay twice for the landing ;) Next step, get the car and drive the 3 hours to Oshkosh.

21.7.2012 - 20:15

Task completed. After a long drive we arrived in Oshkosh. It is a really nice city and for the first time we saw a baseball match, okay it was a kids baseball match but it was nice to see.


wow what a day and what a big show here in Oshkosh. the plan for today was to finish up the booth and take a short walk over the show area….a short walk???? man, it's incredible how big the show is, it's really impressing. After finishing everything, austin showed us his new plane…oh man what a beauty. It's a Lancair Evolution (Austin calls it the r-evolution because of the new engine inside). This plane has 850 hp and a max speed of 320kts, that's what i call fast :)


the first day of EAA AirVenture is over. What a day, i really feel like a piece of butter in the sun. It was definitely too hot but the show was just brilliant. oh i have to go, it's dinner time.


Nearly the whole EAA AirVenture is over and i hadn't so much time to write this text. What i can say to every person who likes flying…plan a trip to EAA AirVenture 2013…it worth it. You will see thousands of airplanes and you can meet people of so many different countries.

Tonight was the airshow at night. That was f…… amazing. You will never see this in germany or europe. wow ;) i will attach some photos ;)

I almost forgot it…Tim and me met Kirby Chambliss and we had a short talk with him about X-Plane, that was awesome. Did anyone see him at RedBull AirRace?


So today is the last day. It's sad but the next adventure is waiting (see pic) ;) It was one of my greatest trips and vacations…i hope i can fly again to Oshkosh next year. And again to the people who never went to Oshkosh….come to Oshkosh next year and you will have one your greatest moments :) you will never see such a huge show elsewhere.

Now it's time for some pictures.




















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Is that a Zenith STOL with a turbine hung on the front????!!!!! That's insanely nuts! A lil rotax 912 already gives superb performance. This is gonna be in the "unheard of" performance range, I'll bet. 50ft. takeoff run? 20ft-100ft. landing distance? 3-4000 fpm climb? Okay. It's research time....

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