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Next Airport Poll!!!!!!

Abdull James

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I'm starting this poll because there are some airport out there this is much need of quality scenery pack, and I wanted to give my recommendation. This is unofficial but I hope it will give team Aerosoft a good idea on what to do next. I will not be putting any airport that is currently under major construction. I know some of these airports present a challenge like gaining government access. Only one vot eper person and only the airports in this post should be considered.

-North America

KBWI - This is the only airport in the Northeastern US this is not represented.

KMCO - The second busiest airport in the state of Florida is out dated.

-South/Central America

SKBO - Why this airport hasen't been considered I don't know, but it could be a good start for Aerosoft to break in on South America.

MPTO - The busiest airport in Central America. It is represented but out dated.


HAAB - Fast growing market airport. Not represented.

FAJS - Africa's busiest airport all around. Long over due for an update.

-Middle East

OTBD - With the new runway and midfield terminal, this would be a site to see.

OEJN - What can I say its Saudi Arabia!!!!!!!


WMKK - Long over due for a quality updated.

ZBAA - With one of the world's largest building should be a challenge to do, along with the challenge of getting access from the government of China.


UUEE - Second busiest airport in Russia.

ULLI - Fast growing Russian Airport.


NZAA - Haven't been touched in God knows how long.

YSSY - Come on Sydney. Its represented but could do better.

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Guest cptawsom

1. A_A Sceneries is doing WMKK. Since I find their Phuket (that I have) excellent, I believe they will do an excellent job there as well.

2. Also OTBD is not a new runway, but a new airport.

3. Why not UUDD instead of UUEE? UUDD is newer and larger.

I will not put a single vote, but a multi-vote:

Any of the following airports would interest me (almost equally), in alphabetical order:








And I'm adding the following interesting airports for consideration, in alphabetical order:













PS: For the future, OMDW, is going to be very impressive:


PS2: IMHO, we do not need:

- KBWI -> because we already have a very good KIAD, which is very closeby (25nm away)

- KMCO -> because we already have 3 very good airports in Florida (KMIA, KTPA, KFLL)

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I was focusing my attention on airports that are seriously outdated, have major upgrades and new airports over all.

@cptawson I picked KBWI because no one has done a quality scenery for them and KMCO because its long over due, it has nothing to do with proximity to other airports. For those of use who like to fly around to different airports or run a virtual airline. I didn't pick UUDD because its already represented..

@Didier Chabanne I wouldn't think to over look Canada yes I would like to see a new Toronto airport, but with CYYZ already represented and CYVR(fsdreamteam) and CYUL(flytampa) soon to be release I chose to bypass Canada for now.

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Guest cptawsom
I didn't pick UUDD because its already represented.

Is there a good payware or freeware UUDD?


Would you be so kind as to give me a link please?

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Interesting read, but for better comfort for us all wouldn't it be better if everyone adds the airport/city names to the respective ICAO codes?

Not all of us know the names to the codes without using Google or Wiki.



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