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A little bit angry with Aerosoft!


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Sorry to say this, but I hope you could understand my anger a bit:

1) AeroSoft forum is offline about every week it seems...

2) I have reinstalled my OS and therefore FSX of course, too. I wanted also to reinstall AeroSoft Stuttgart X but got back an error that I have had reinstalled to often!

Yes, I had reinstalled Stuttgart a few times, but sure not more then 10 times, I tend to say less then 5 times.

To get now a denial to install the scenery is more then annoying!!!

Hope the reactivation is as fast as Speedy Gonzales now!!

(other companies have an automatic systems for this!)

3) I wanted to search in this forum, but search is also not possible ...

4) To hear about new product updates is also a bit of luck. I have found several sceneries in my account which been more actual then my local saved ones. But an update was not announced through the AS Launcher!

All in all:



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1) That happens because they moved the whole forum on a new server and it needs a few days until everything works fine again.

2) If they wouldn't do any protection, one would buy the scenery to install it on computers of X people. Usually you can send an email to aerosoft and they should do the rest.

3) Same as 1).

4) That's a point I don't know much about. I always thought updates are announced at shop.aerosoft.com, but I don't know if they do that for every update...

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1) yep, but this is for month now that the forum is not available a day or two every one or two weeks...

2) yes, of course I know why they do that. But other companies do that also and you can reactive instantly via an automatic system.

Much more annoying is, that I had just a few reinstalls, as I said probably less then five.

It's not about that I want a big discussion here.

I just wanted to drop a little critics here.

I'm sure Aerosoft take it as what it is: a little critic from a good customer and try to work to get better and better.

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