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Mitchell Wing update to 1.01

Mathijs Kok

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Hi, thank you for this nice plane.

I also am having trouble downloading the update, have tried a couple times on a couple different days.

I can see the byte count progress as the file transfers.

When I go to the transferred file, size shows 1814k but attempt to unzip tells me no files to extract.

When I double click on file to look in zip, it tells me compressed (zipped) folder is invalid or corrupted.

If I use 7-zip, it extracts an 1842k file, same name but no extention. Adding .exe extention to extract does not execute (kind of looked like what you'd see in an executable).

Can you please offer any help?

Perhaps I should download the airplane file again to see if you have updated it since the original?

Thanks in advance,

Paul Anderson.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Just downloaded it without any problems. Zip file has 1842 kbyte, I can open it and it contains 3 folders: Aerosoft, Effects and Simobjects, containing other subfolders and files, reflecting the typical folder structure in FSX.

So delete the downloaded file, clear your browser cache and try again.

Or download the complete installer again.

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Downloading complete file again, thanks for updating. (still encounter same problem with update file)

If by clear browser cache you mean delete temporary internet files, I do this manually several times a session (tools, delete browsing history, temporary internet files is checked) and internet explorer is set to empty temporary files folder when browser closed.



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