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SOAR Achievement Certificates


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In the past SOAR awarded achievement certificates (i.e. Silver, Gold and Diamond).

However, it appears that no new awards have been made in the last several years.

Is this due to discontinuance, dis-intertest, or what ?


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Good question! As I am about to assume an "Acting Director" position at SOAR, I have had the question asked a couple of times in the last year. You will still be able to receive the certificates, but at the moment there is still not a clear updated proceedure on how one can go about doing this. I have talked about it to a few people, and have for the moment, not got any experience in awarding these certificates. I do have some experience with the program's used to verify a flight, but I think some testing needs to be done on whether or not the other (non-CAIset) IGC's can be verified correctly using the old method of checking the flight. There may be another program that could be of help, but I've not put much time into it yet.

As far as possibly a "dis-interest" in people wanting these certificates, I don't have clear knowledge on the history of the certificates with SOAR to make a good comment. It may have been partly due to the coming of FSX, but it could also have been due to the fact that SOAR hasn't done memberships in a great while.


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