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AES Repaint Logic

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I don't know if it has already been suggested, but is it possible to redefine the repaint logic a bit, like:

AES-VN-01-11-ESXX : Repaint is valid for all airports starting with ICAO code ES??

AES-VN-01-11-ESSA : Repaint will overwrite the ESXX repaint

This way it is possible to quickly assign a certain repaint for all airports in a country and if desired to assign also a repaint for a specific airport.

Currently it is kinda tedious to rename appr. 20 files, for each airport you would like to use it.

For example Germany : renaming 20 x 10-15 airports to use a specific repaint.

AES-VN-01-11-EDXX would do the trick much easier.


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That is allready implemented in AES 2.23a, please read the "Repaint Install" Docu, you find here or in the AES Maindirectory after install of 2.23a

When you name a Texture AES-VN-01-11-ES--.BMP (two minus signs, not XX) then it is used for all Airports of ES*

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