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Suche Destinations in Italien für FSX

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Hallo zusammen!

Kann mir denn jemand sagen, wo ich italienische Flughäfen für den FSX finden kann? Pay- oder Freeware, ist egal. Für den FS9 gab es ja damals Flughäfen von ISD-Project. Die waren echt klasse! Aber für den FSX gibt es meines Wissens nach keine enstprechenden Versionen bei ISD.

Hat da jemand eventuell ma einen Tip für mich?

Danke und viele Grüße,


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Hallo Christopher,

Schau mal hier: http://www.napulevola.it/products/scenari/scenari_npv.aspx

Das ist Neapel für den FSX, ist Freeware, Version 0.3

Bei Avsim, in der Abteilung für FSX: ISD’s Milan Malpensa Airport (LIMC) for FSX.

Hier ein Auszug aus der Readme:

NOTE: I have been unable to contact ISD to obtain their approval for this upload, I do not believe I am abusing their copyright since I am not changing their files and I am only giving instructions and providing some files so that their FS2004 scenery can run in FSX. To date I have not seen any indication that ISD intend preparing an FSX version, although I am sure that myself, amongst many others, would be delighted if they did so. Nevertheless, as a courtesy, I would have preferred to obtain their blessing.

ISD’s (Italian Scenery Design) scenery for Milan Malpensa Airport (LIMC) for FS2004, has always been one of my favourite sceneries, and I think the flight between Milan and Zurich is one of the most spectacular in flight simming.

Imagine my disappointment when this scenery would not work properly in FSX – most of the buildings reproduced okay but the ground polygons were all messed up and AI traffic had disappeared.

For my own use, I have had a try at modifying LIMC to make it work in FSX, quite a lot of work to do this, using trial and error to determine which field and other files to remove and converting an AFCAD file to FSX.



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So, das sind ja wirklich sehr viele Informationen! Vielen Dank an alle die mir hier geantwortet haben! Ich werde mich nun mal informieren.

Ich wünsche schöne Pfingsten!

Gruß an alle,


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