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Bonjour, J'ai Acheté le Logiciel for airbus wilco vol.1 et J'Ai Choisi A320 et J'ai configure AES sur avion A320 et le tracteur qui fait le Repoussage sur A320 ,... MAIS IL FAIT sauter les pneus pendant le Repoussage ! Je ne comprends pas!! Bizarre ... :eyepop_s::help_s::confused_s:

Je vous prie de me Répondre plus vite que possible...

Merci d'avance


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Il y a une discussion sur ce sujet dans le forum en anglais dans les FAQ sur AES. voici le lien:


J'ai eu ce problème avec les avions open sky et j'ai longuement tâtonné (en passant au point 2 car le point 1 n'a pas solutionné le problème). Avec de la patience, on y arrive !...

Ce qu'ils en disent :

1/When you make the pushback and the aircraft is jumping or generate a crash, the "static_cg_height" and "static_pitch" values in the aircraft.cfg of the aircraft is not set optimal.

  • Place the aircraft at an AES activated airport and start AEShelp/AESConfig. At the "Set Aircraft Parameters" page, you find the "Repair for Push" Button.
  • Press this button once, then save and exit the config.
  • Reselect the Aircraft in the FS to reload the aircaftconfig and try the push again.

    It is possible, that the automatic calculation of the values by AESConfig will not correct this problem. In this case, start AESConfig again and press the Button "Reset Push to default", then the original values are back in place in the aircraft.cfg

    2/When the AESConfig button don't help, you can try to find the correct values in the following way:
    • Go to the <fs9>\Aircraft\... or <FSX>\Simobjects\Airplane\... Folder and find the folder related to the aircraft having the problem
    • In that folder you find the aircraft.cfg
    • Search for "static_pitch=" which is in the [contact_points] section


    [*]Then place the aircraft somewhere in the FS and switch to the "Slew" Mode (default key Y) and back to normal, and you will see that the aircraft will move up and down or change his pitch, when you switch between Slew and Normal.

    [*]Now, try to change the "static_cg_height" Value in small step's (+- 0.10), save the CFG file, reselect the aircraft in the FS (to reload the new cfg) and check the switch Slew/Normal again.

    [*]If the aircraft changing the pitch, try the same with "static_pitch"

    [*]When the aircraft is not anymore moving while the switch over between Slew and Normal mode, the push will work without jumps and crashes.

    Bon courage...

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