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A little question concerning the condition levers...


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Hello :hi2_s:

In first congratulation for this awesome addon, a real masterpiece :excellenttext_s:

I have a little question concerning the condition levers and his white lines, as my English is not perfect it's not easy to explained :mecry_s:

I don't know if it's just with me but when I place my condition levers side by side with the white mark it's not good, I must push one notch forward.

It's seems that the mark named "Normal Flight" must be moved forward to one notch, no ?

As it's not easy to explain the thing that I meet I join to you two screenshots:


Please can you tell me if you too you have constating this thing ?

A great thank's in advance for your assistance, best regards. Olivier :bow_down2_s:

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Such fine changes are really not necesarry.

There a 4 posiitons:

Fully back = Fuel shutoff & Feather

Anywhere between 10-30% = Fuelshutoff

Anywhere between 30-85%= Normal flight

Anywhere between 85-100%= TO & LAND

So if You want it to be in Normal flight, simply bring the levers within the range between Fuelshutoff and Normal flight white line.

If You want TO & LAND simply move it full forward to the stop.

If Fuel shutoff is needed bring it back until engie shutsdown, but do not move it fully back - just below the Fuel shutoff white line.

If Fuel shutoff & feather - move it fully back to the stop.


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