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FSDreamTeam Ground Services X

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Guest Gonçalo Carvalho

Check out this stunning video which shows you the beautiful Ground Services produced by FSDreamTeam. Enjoy!

Awesome video Timflightx :D

Nice video...

But nothing beats AES!

But Dominik if you use AES combined with GSX you will have a lovable product on your FSX! ;)

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Never seen anything like it: only have FS9 so this was a great surprise. The only thing that didnt look right to me were the baggage handlers - they weren´t just chucking the bags everywhichwhere which is how I remember them. I have the latest AES but I guess theres still room for improvement.

Very well-made video: I am so "out of date" that I have no idea how you got those dynamic moving shots.

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