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VAL-4, Det Bravo, Black Ponies in 1970--WIP

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VAL-4 is showing at Aerosoft for download. AVSIM and flightsim.com don't show it yet.

I can do the gray variant of VAL-4. I am trying to find a decent copy of the early VAL-4 squadron insignia. The bug version. To finish the green paints.

I just did not want to duplicate the efforts.

Now if I could find some super images of stencil placement I would be ecstatic.


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If you look in the texture folder that Russ has provided with this skin, you will see a dds for the reticle which does not seem to exist in the original Aerosoft folders. if you shift it's color to green it will give you the green reticle you desire :) (just in case you haven't done this yet)


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