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February's Screenshot Competition.

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I was a bit surprised myself as I just received an email from Ray mentioned he entered some of my shots in this competition (I think he did it as a bit of a thank you for me helping Ray out with some of his reviews) but I don't think he was fully aware of the rules of this competition. I already emailed him back explaining things and I'm sure he will remove these asap. Sorry about that Shaun, I did not know until I read the email and Ray did it with good intentions but not by the rules. I will omit entry for this month as I do not wish to upset any other user who enters this month's competition. Best of luck all.


Hello Soya,

Its no biggie, I was just making Ray aware of the fact :)

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Guest cptawsom

"Clouds of a summer dawn, surround Aerosoft's Schiphol".

Having just taken off from RWY27, for a KLM 737-900 flight to Casablanca-Morocco.


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