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February's Screenshot Competition.

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I was a bit surprised myself as I just received an email from Ray mentioned he entered some of my shots in this competition (I think he did it as a bit of a thank you for me helping Ray out with some of his reviews) but I don't think he was fully aware of the rules of this competition. I already emailed him back explaining things and I'm sure he will remove these asap. Sorry about that Shaun, I did not know until I read the email and Ray did it with good intentions but not by the rules. I will omit entry for this month as I do not wish to upset any other user who enters this month's competition. Best of luck all.


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I have never posted photoshopped pics to this platform, as I've never owned Photoshop. So, maybe you'll have to live with me laughing about what Photoshop can do (instead of what pilot's can do... why didn't you come with me chasing Maseratis near KEWR in IB 343s ^_^). Things develop, so the Spanish thing is no longer Spanish (if it has ever been, but why then have I KEWR IB 343 screenshots?).

Maybe someone can tell me, who serves this route now (airline/aircraft; eg. UA 763ER)?

Edit: This also serves as a hint to ImagineSim or to whomever. There are fs9 airports, that urgently have to be transformed to the 21st century, i.e. fsx!

Edit II: We've lost a lot, and this is the opinion of a person who's never had the chance to visit America before NYC WTC. America has changed since then, movies before are not the same as movies thereafter. And I miss movies that are as fully-loaded with heart and atmosphere like

Beautiful Girls with Timothy Hutton and Natalie Portman, Con Air with Nicolas Cage, Scent of a Woman with the unbeatable Al Pacino, French Connection I&II (Gene Hackman), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Sleepless in Seattle, or, the imho best film since 1994, Léon - by Luc Besson with Jean Reno, Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman, et cetera et cetera et cetera............ . . . . . ..

So please, let us come back to this atmosphere. I really miss these good Ones because of scenes like ...Timothy Hutton /and Matt Dillon/ meet Uma Thurman deep in the Winter season, Benicio del Toro flips through the long gone Stardust Las Vegas and Gary Oldmans scene "We need something bigger, otherwise we can't get him out of there/This is Mozart."....

Some losses are man made, i.e. this was not necessary, like the implosion of the Stardust. You know what happens there today? Imho there is the desert, which is not really a proper equivalent of what has happened there before. I am proud to say, the MS fsx preserves some of these Goodies.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs


this is my contribution to the competition, a flight over Innsbruck LOWI!

This image has been made ​​by me - I had the unique opportunity with the Bronco OV 10 fly as passenger ...

I made the image of the back seat, and am proud that it has become well.

Now it is up to you to evaluate it, for me it was an unforgettable experience!




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I used Paint.net :)

It´s a great programm and it´s freeware.

I also paint repaints with it :)

There are a lot of plugins for this programm. For example to open .psd files, create Alpha Channel ore use Anti-Alias.

You can use a lot of effects like "soft-focus" effect or "in-motion unsharpness"^^ ;)

Regards Alex

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