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Mathijs Kok

FS Flight Keeper updated to version 3.30

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We have just uploaded the new FSFK 3.30 files. You will find all files on the product page

3.2 Major Update

- Added native iFly 737 (FS9/FSX) Support

- Added iFly 737 Flight plan Support

- Added TOPCAT Support

- Added sound items for V-Speeds when using TOPCAT

- Added decimal display to engine N1 and N2 settings

- Added pause and resume flight logging

- Updated IVAO and VATSIM FIR Data

- Entered transition altitude values are not longer overwritten

- Improved G-Force detection for the landing phase

- Fixed GPWS altitude callouts not played on approach if gear is up

- Fixed surface wind direction not correct with FSX

- Fixed Wilco flight plan not loaded

- Fixed display problems with higher DPI settings

- An assigned VA template (pilot or logbook) can overwrite other global templates

and settings when opening the options dialog while in flight

3.3 Minor Update

- Added Active Sky 2012 Support

- Some events not recorded if iFly 737 is installed

- Fixed some typos in Airlines.cfg

- Updated to FSUIPC v3.998 and v4.758

- Active WMO station list (as of January 2012)

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Are there technical hurdles that prevent the use of Simconnect? It's really the only thing preventing me from using FSFK again. Active Sky and Aivlasoft EFB both support the free simconnect and is frankly the remote client of choice for me. Widefs is another $30, which seems like a big investment if FSFK is the only application that requires it.

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This is currently not possible as SimConnect doesn't offer all FS values that FSFK needs. So FSUIPC/WideFS is currently the only choice for me.



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