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New Year ambition

Ian Pearse

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Alright guys, I can find something like 2 or perhaps 3 possible houses just yet, so PM me if you are interested in one, BUT - before you do, I want to tell you that we are going to build AF up with some very exciting ideas this year.

First one will be a Venice-type suburb and will home perhaps 20-30 people in houses on stilts... This probably in the next two months time...

Second we will make Andras Village - pretty far south of Andras Field, by the lakeside.... Not sure exactly where, but expect this in the summer.

Then perhaps even a Fort Lauderdale-style houseboat-by-peers suburb, with a place to tie your Seaplane - so we can get the Seaplane base with water runway revived... probably in the fall - if made.

And in the meantime - a second runway is a must have, with all the new inhabitants... This will be made during the spring-summer if I have anything to say about the matter, and I do...

SO - I can find a very few houses, but if you care to wait a bit, you might head for something different in Andras Field community.

Let me know...

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