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Attached to this post is a free copy of the Aerosoft Flight Calculator. It is an ideal small tool to help you navigate your route and perform all the calculations a pilot of a small aircraft will have to do. It is based on the Jeppesen flight calculator that has been used by tens of thousand of pilots.


It is NOT freeware and you are NOT allowed to share this with any other person. It is a gift from Aerosoft to the registered users of this forum.





  • Calculate Speed
  • Calculate Distance
  • Calculate Time Enroute
  • Calculate Fuel Endurance
  • Calculate Fuel Flow
  • Calculate Fuel Needed

    • Calculate Calibrated Airspeed
    • Calculate True Airspeed
    • Calculate Density Altitude
    • Calculate Mach

      • Calculate Wind Direction, Wind Speed
      • Calculate Ground Speed and Heading
      • Calculate Wind Correction, Cross Wind Component, Tail Wind Component
      • Calculate Runway Crosswind
      • Calculate Magnetic Variation

        • Calculate Center of Gravity
        • Calculate Weight Shift
        • Calculate Percentage Mean Cord






          • Volume: LTR, GAL, IPG
          • Weight: KG, LB
          • Weather: °C, °F, MB, HP, IHG, MHG
          • Distance: MTR, YRD, KM, FT, IN, NM, SM
          • Local time / GMT time shown
          • Calculate time enroute
          • Calculate departure time
          • Calculate arrival time
          • Count up timer
          • Count down timer     Runway / Descent
            • Landing Runway Length Needed
            • Takeoff Runway Length Needed
            • Tailwind Landing Runway
            • Descent Profile
            • Descent Rate
            • Begin Descent Point     Connection with FS Aerosoft Flight Calculator can be linked to FS to retrieve data that you would otherwise have to enter manually. Doing it automatically saves you time and ensures the data is accurate. To connect to FS FSUIPC is used, this means that the Flight Calculator can be run on a separate computer if WideFS is used. A license for FSUIPC is included in the product so you will not have to buy a separate license for FSUIPC. Please note that FSUIPC is NOT installed with this product. We choose to do so as most users will already have it installed.   Features:
              • Stand alone application, NOT a gauge to be installed in aircrafts (this also holds the limitation that the calculator can not be started from within FS and on most systems will not run on top of a full screen (FSX / FS2004).
              • Works with all aircraft, from ultralights to Airliners.
              • Eight memory locations, stored between sessions.
              • Gets all data from FS via FSUIPC, saving you entering the data manually.
              • Extreme low system requirements.
              • Skinnable (6 skins provided).
              • Runs on top of FS in semi transparent mode.      



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