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Where to fly???

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Here's a list of the CDF machines and their bases:


I believe that Fassberg was the base of the German OV-10s.

Other major operators still using them are:

The Colombian Air Force at Apiay [OV-10A]

The Philippine Air Force at Luzon [OV-10A, OV-10C]

The Venezuelan Air Force at Maracaibo [mainly OV-10A I think]

The USAFE Broncos (no longer current, of course) were operated by the 601st TCW and they were certainly at Sembach and I believe at Wiesbaden before moving to Sembach.

Does this help?

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If you would like to fly back in the Vietnam war era, try this site for great downloads:http://vietnamwar.project.free.fr/, of course it will be better when we get the right version/repaint! Don't forget to make sure all your traffic is fsx only and not a mix of fs9 and fsx; otherwise all your traffic will disappear. I use AIFP2 for that purpose. Cheers!

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Does anyone know airports or places where those broncos fly in reality? For more realism-feeling in my FSX... :D

If you like some fun consider checking out the Dangerous Airports product, that should be a lot of fun. I also Lukla X a lot in testing as it really shows the problems with the flight model.

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