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Stand in - Mission problems

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OK, have managed to navigate around the UN building but have some issues completing this mission.

A Passenger is getting stuck in a garbage can on the Time Square return journey. I have tried moving back and forth through the entire range of the bus stop, leaving the front door open. Every time I move, the passengers stops moving, every time I stop, the passenger starts moving but goes nowhere. I know the "strategy" is to reposition the bus, but I have put the bus everywhere in the zone that is recognised as the bus stop, as well as parking well away from the kerb. No variations of these solutions allows the passenger to break free and get on.

Question 1: Will this prevent my completing the mission? My passenger figures don't change when this passenger does not get on, so I assume not.

Question 2: If this passenger not getting on does prevents the mission completing, is there an actual solution other than what I have tried? Does the bus stop brake need to be on before they will move? Do I need to get on and off the bus?

Question 3: if there is no actual solution, when is the patch being released to fix this bug?

The route is not clear for the 2nd part of this mission. I cannot make out the route to take after turning off 42nd St down 12th Ave.

Question 4: On 12th Ave, do I need to turn left down 40th then right down 11th? Where does the route end - at the convention centre? Or back at the Port Authority?

I have checked the FAQs and no information is present on this. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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