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Mathijs Kok

Christmas Quiz, December 9th (part 2)

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Any word on when the winners will be announced? I'm really anxious to find out what plane it actually is. I had voted for Airbus A320, but I think that it could be anything from the A318 on up to the A321.

Best Regards,


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So where is the difference of an A319 to an A320 cockpit then, exept for the reading in the MCDU saying A319 or A320?

Of curse i I will tell you some :)

1. They have differences in the door-page ;)

2. On the new A319, in contrast to the A320, on the ADIRS, you don't have rotary switches any more. They are pushbuttons

3. On the ADIRS you can't read the e.g. Groundspeed, Winds, Heading, ... anymore.

So, lets come to the difference between A319/A321.

On the A319 you don't have the button "N1 Mode".

So, as we see, there are enough differences ;)

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Hello Folks,]

Then winners are.

aal763 for the correct aircraft and Aidan. for the caption.

E-mail on its way to you soon.

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