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5 year AES: For the new year only here you get AES 2.20d

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This day AES is available for 5 years now, the time goes always faster in my feelings.

I want involve you to the next steps of AES on the way to a new generation of AES.

First same organisational things, before I explain the new version in details:

The official released version of AES is still AES 2.14 and will be the available version at the Shops of

Aerosoft and Simmarket. Who wants to stay on that version can do that until a new official release is


Version 2.20 is full compatible to all Airports released in AES 2.14, all this Airports and all Credits and

assignments will be supported by AES 2.20. No new airports are part of this release, AESHelp,

AESConfig and AES Remote has not been changed.

Why is his not an official released Version and only available via the Aerosoft Forum, could be a good


Even, when this Version does most things like the version before, there are significant internal

changes and the new vehicle models are much more complex, so I want first get some feedback about

performance and handling, before it can switch to the “standard” update process.

Anyway, this version is not a „Beta“, it has all functions of the version before and should be usable

same as older versions. There are only some smaller limitations in the variations of the models, like:

• Only two different bus models are finished at the moment

• There is only one type of under floor Fuel Truck included yet

• The Deicing will not simulate the fluid steam

Let me now explain the new parts and features of this version:

1.) New detailed vehicle models

All vehicle models simulated by AES are new replaced by more detailed and complex animated

models. At the moment, they all have a neutral texture, but repaint-kits will follow later, when we are

know, that the models not need any changes. The code is prepared already to support the selection of

service different service provider deliveries per Airport or global.

There are also more different variations (like US stile Trucks) planed for the future.

The Catering Trucks are already available in 4 different Types inclusive the upperdeck support for the

Airbus A380. The door will be calculated based on the door 2L, like the jetways connect. With a good

Model the door should fit were well.

2.) Changed ramp agent movements and pushback process

In the past, the ramp agent gets sometimes in conflict with the jetways or stairs, when he keeps his

position beside the nose wheel. Now he will be move to the other side of the aircraft to monitor the

loading process, until the pushback preparation starts. This is a temporary solution, until a more

complex animation of human stuff is possible.

While tow bar push processes he will handle the Connect and Disconnect process.

3.) More realistic driving animations of the vehicles

The animation of the driving process of the vehicles in now more realistic, the wheels are rotation, the

steering is simulated and all the related signs are included.

So far the short overview for the new features, i think it is better to check it your self, then reading long


Ok, as normally all is more interesting, what you not have, here some words about the next


There are many new features on my list, for example the support of cargo airplanes, simulation of the

load process and better animations of human stuff. But, all needs to be in the correct order, as for

some parts, first more parameter of the airplane are needed to be able to handle the movements on

the limited space around the airplane. Therefore the aircraft configuration is one of the next steps.

If you have Feedback or Comments, please post them here: AES 2.20: Feedback or Comments

For Bugreports use this one: AES 2.20: Bugreports

An now, the most important Link: AES 2.20d Installer download only here

Here some Screenshot of AES 2.20 (many thanks to Rainer Duda)

post-77-0-60514200-1323423049_thumb.jpg post-77-0-83127600-1323423101_thumb.jpg

post-77-0-48319100-1323423118_thumb.jpg post-77-0-08698800-1323423126_thumb.jpg

post-77-0-63546200-1323423134_thumb.jpg post-77-0-85713900-1323423144_thumb.jpg

post-77-0-89653900-1323423154_thumb.jpg post-77-0-40888500-1323423163_thumb.jpg

post-77-0-45858400-1323423172_thumb.jpg post-77-0-17355600-1323423181_thumb.jpg

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Changes in FIX 1:

All reported Bug should be fix, like:

- Double Objects, specially after using AESConfig

- Open doors or non retracted Pipeline at the Fueltruck after pressing F6

- Crossing vehicles

- Followme not stopping

- gray Wheels at Loader and Stairs

- Transparent lower side of the big stair

- Shadows in FS9 of the Cleaning vehicle

Also some finetuning in the vehicle process is done

Two important Notes:

After you press F6 at the gate menu, you must first answer the question for "De-Icing" or "Pushback requested" (if available), before the vehicles start to clean the position. The Pushdirection can be selected later.

The Shortname of the Airplane, which you can set in AESConfig is now used at some standard Types of Aircraft to get a better positioning for the Fueltruck for example. So please use the normal Names, like A38?, B74?,B76? and so on (last digit of your choise).

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What has changed with FIX 2:

This Fix includes all part of Fix 1, plus:

- Corrected and enhanced lights of the vehicles

- small corrections of the vehicle pathes

- some finetuning

.. and several things I just forget :)

The AES Menu at the gate has a new feature now:

Beside to wait, until the configured timeintervall of the services is over, you now can terminate each service manually:

When a service was requested and is active (A behind the F-Key), you can terminate the service by pressing again the related F-Key.

As far as possible, the service ends and the vehicles goes home.

The cleaning is a littlebit different: When the Water-Vehicle is still in place and you press F3 again, only this vehicle is terminating, when it's gone the service is still active (A).

Then you can press F3 again to terminate the complete cleaning process.

All services will terminate automatically, when the timeinterval is over.

A small new feature is added to FSUIPC Version 4.751a or higher in FSX:

When you keep the FSX "Airport Vehicle Traffic" active, it will happen, that you have the FSX generated Vehicles beside the AES once.

Pete Dowson has added a function to the registered Version of FSUIPC 4.751a or higher, which you can get on Pete forum here

Beside the newest FSUIPC Version you need to have installed the Fix 2 for AES 2.20.

When you have both installed, FSUIPC will remove the FSX beltloader and the luggage trolley (the pushback will hopefully follow later) automatically at the active AES position.

At non AES airports they are still there and can be used.

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Fix 3

Corrections in Version 2.20C:

- All changes of the older Fixes above are included (see Posts above this one!)

- Smaller Fixes reported after Fix 2 done, like the Stair now only available above 1.40m, Followme Lightcase fixed and so on.

New in Version 2.20C:

- All Pushback Trucks have now a driver.

- The Marshaller and Rampagent gets there retirement and are replaced by a younger colleague ;)

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AES 2.20D is now available!

Not to late for the new year, I want to give you another enhancement for AES, now the D.

Corrections in Version 2.20D:

- All changes of the older Fixes above are included (see Posts above this one!)

- Smaller Fixes reported after Fix 3 done, like the chance of the sound routine, should work now as before without changing the config.

New in Version 2.20D:

- The catering got now there drivers and the loading simulation.

Later, when the config is enhanced, it is planed to make it possible to switch off the loading, if the right door of the airplane could not be opened.

- Also the bus has now a driver. There are no passengers yet, maybe it will be possible in future.

I know, that the model of the stuff is all the same, only with different textures. At the moment it is more important to check the possiblities of the animations, later we will seach/do other models,

but it's difficult to find usable 3d models here.

I wish you a happy new year :)

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