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AMA VA Terminal at Andras Field


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All the pilots at Andras Meridian Airlines VA are happy to see the brand new AMA VA Terminal sitting pretty at Andras Field.

Our passengers are happy too as they no longer have to listen to fighting lovers when the get a cup of coffee as there is a cafe and bar inside.

It might be small but the staff have big warm hearts and welcome you to sit for a while.

Those of you interested should come upstairs to the office and put in a pilot's application with Helga our recruiting representative. Don't let her aloof manner scare you off. She sees a lot of indecisive folks. Once she knows you're serious she can be very friendly and helpful.

Come fly with us.

Andras Meridian Airlines VA

Operations and Administrative Team

Udo Jensen

Thorsten Ruerup

Clayton Scott



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very nice and I like to drink my coffee with milk!

Regards from one of your aircraft painter


No problem Holgi, I believe that Pilatus in front of the terminal was painted by you, so all the coffee you want and Helga will even throw in some sticky cinnamon buns if you would paint us a Duke B-60 in AMA livery.


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Real Air's one I would assume..

Yes, indeed. The Real Air Duke B60 is one of the best planes I have flown in FSX. I just can't believe it took me so long to get it. We are having trouble getting a livery as there is no paint kit (only for the turbine) and we need your expertise, Holgi. If you could find the time.....

Many Thanks,

All of AMA

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