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New computer, new simulator: FSX or X-plane 10?

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Dear all,

I will be buying myself a new computer in the very near future, and simultaniously, I will (finally) be switching to another simulator. FS2004 gave me years of fun, but because my previous system was not that high-end, I was not able change to FSX any earlier. The system that I am going to buy consists out of the following:

Intel I7 2600K

ATi Radeon HD 6850

ASUS P8Z68 Motherboard

Corsair 800W Power supply

8GB Internal memory DDR3

Win. 7 64 bits

Anyway, I could use a piece of advice on my new simulator. Which one should I install: FSX or X-plane 10? I already have quite a lot of FS2004 add-ons which will also be compatible with FSX, which will save me some money. On top of that, there are many further add-ons available for FSX (among them the paramount NGX).

However, X-plane looks quite good from what I have seen so far! With X-plane having a better source code, "buying" more FPS will be possible, which is not the case for FSX. However, X-plane has not seen daylight as of yet, and who knows what problems might arise. In addition to that, there are no add-ons available, and I believe it might take a while before the first ones are released.

So, what should I do? Go for FSX, run my FS2004 addons? Or should I go for X-plane, superior to FSX in terms of code, system and what have you?

Thanks for answering!

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Why not both? X-Plane 10 is not yet released for public consumption as you say, but FSX has five whole years of work behind it by the aftermarket.

FSX will fill the needs for six-eight months while X-Plane 10 gets the wrinkles ironed out.

Or just get both from the outset as your learning curve will be the same for each..?

There are no rules or technical reasons that state you cannot install both!

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Hi Dutchliner,

In my humble opinion I would advise you should stick with FSX. There is no reason why you should spend money in two totally different simulators. Before I state my reasons, I'll tell you what rig I have and the software that runs perfectly on it.

Intel® Core™ i7-2600 (no K) (3,4 GHz 8 MB of L3 cache)

Intel H67 chipset

12 GB DDR3 (3 x 4 GB)

NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 (3 GB) - made for HP

Windows 7 64 bits

http://h20195.www2.h...x/c02885116.pdf Page 2 for more info.

Some Addons:

-REX 2

-ORBX Australia 4, Melbourne Intl., Brisbane Intl., Canberra, PNW and all it's freeware stuff. (only for FSX)

-PMDG B747X and 737 NGX

-AEROSOFT Frankfurt X, Barcelona X, Amsterdam X... etc...

-Many more!

My humble thoughts:


-It's a simulator that when it was made it was "too good" for those times. We all had to put the sliders to a minimum to enjoy some acceptable FPS. Now, even though some people call it "old", it works wonderfully in my system with any addon you install and I'm sure yours will excel mine in performance. You won't have to "buy" more fps's. I have mine limited to 30 FPS in an external program (FPS Limiter 0.2) while I have it in unlimited in FSX. It works wonders. You only need free JAVA to run it.

-The PMDG NGX is so smooth and fast with my processor, that I wonder if it's that complicated addon PMDG was talking about... :lol:

-FSX has a wealth of very good freeware and payware addons that in my humble opinion put X-Plane 10 to shame, not only for airports but aircraft as well.

-The good thing about all the years that FSX has, is that it has paved the road to tons of quality addons...

-If I had to brag about having the latest sim always, I'd be really telling people "I have a simulator base without addons"!

-I assure you that FSX is great if you know how to install it and you don't have to know the art of tweaking the code to make it much better... - look at http://www.venetubo.com/fsx.html from a guy named Jesus Altuve - a great codemaster that will do that for you (the webpage). It'll make FSX even better for your computer. It's free!

-Be sure to install FSX in the C:\ for better performance and less problems. Not in "program files"!

X-Plane 10

-I don't like the idea of a Sim-City type of flight simulator X-plane is about to release. Be aware that a lot of streets and highways in forest areas can be covered with trees i.e. It's not as it's depicted there.

-it's interesting to see that the main page of X-plane has a photo in the center of a B737NG, not a modeled one.

-The plane models there are in my opinion are very badly modeled compared to the real model in real-life.

-Not all the airports in the world exist in X-plane...Those that exist in X-Plane are little in number and very little are modeled as per basic-FSX standards and the rest are nothing much of a runway.

-No native addons for X-plane 10...

-Brand-new sim, sure, but you never know what problems are under the hood till the other people buy it and start grumbling on the forums.

-What you see on the screen-shots are in a very small area like Seattle. Roads, skycrapers, etc are not in every big city... We'll have to wait a long time to have a lot of good addons for X-plane 10.

Those are my three cents... I hope you enjoy your new rig soon!

Happy landings,


P.S.: Aerosoft Airbus A321 with REX 2 in FSX. No tweaking made in the screenshot.


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I agree with Andrew, I fail to see any benefit of having two sims. At the end of the day, you will simply fly the one sim that you feel gives you the best experience. As for choosing, well that's obviously a subjective choice based on whatever information you gather and the advice you receive on the forums. However, from the feedback I have read from quite a few guys who have already tested XP10, it satisfies my need to stay with FSX. I cannot imagine for one single minute that any sim, no matter where, at this moment in time, can be of better graphical qualities than the areas I fly and the addons I fly with, ie. OrbX and PMDG! Sure, FSX is buggy, we all know that and a pain in the arse at the best of times, but maybe, just maybe it's these aspects of FSX that gives the whole simming experience some degree of interest. If it's coding that worries you, then don't forget Prepar3D, that is a platform I will be considering sometime in the future and of course, let's not forget MS Flight...

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Hi Dutchliner,

I think you should try it out yourself and see if you like it.

That is easy, since X-Plane features a downloadable demo from their site that runs for 10 minutes (after that time the flight controls stop working). You can start it as many times as you want. ;-)

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Hi Dutchliner,

I believe that the FSX era is not going to end anytime soon, at least for people who have invested in it.

My opinion is that you start with FSX and why not give X-Plane 10 a try when it is released, then you decide.

Best Regards,


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Go for both! FSX is dead cheap right now (selling for about 30 euros), so I guess it won't blow your budget when you buy it on top of x-plane.

In my opinion, as I stated earlier, any flight simulation platform alone is a stale "game". The reason why one should "stay" with one is because of the latter spending for addons. Addons are the things that make a simulator "live".

Happy landings!

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

I agree with Howard, Im gonna throw Prepar3D in here too. MSFlight as yet has no interest to me, I fear it will be a dumbed down simulator for the console generation. So I guess Id stick with FSX and splash the cash on Prepar3D V2 when it arrives.

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