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Hi, everytime I select the Aerosoft Airbus X from the FSX menu I get a fatal error has occured, or if I am in flight simulator flying I will randomly get a fatal error. This will be the last in-house Aerosoft aircraft I will purchase. I can run the PMDG 737NGX without a problem.

Aaron G.

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Hi Aaron, Shaun.

Arron: I am a total rookie at simming. I was ripping my hair out. The fix suggested by Shaun earlier in the year was to run FSX as administrator. So far, it works for me. No more fatal errors in FSX. Opening as Admin is a bit of a pain, but if you like, you can download a program called Elevate. It's a handy, tiny program that can be run either from a command box or a batch file to open any program elevated. That way you can run FSX from an application launcher or Search programs and files, etc. Write a batch file like this:

"Drive:\FolderWhereElevateIs\Elevate.exe" "Drive\Folder\fsx.exe" You may or may not need the quotes.

You could even add the folder address to your path variable so that you would only have to type the name of the file (Elevate). I don't know if links are allowed, so I won't add it. The file and its author are very legitimate (not me). So if you google Elevate and something else to tie it to elevating programs, you'll get there.

If you run the batch file you will get a UAC prompt in Vista or Win7 asking blah blah. Then you can open FSX without the fatal error.

By the way Shaun, this is a bit of a pain. I can't use FPS limiter any longer. Its batch file won't open when called by Elevate. You guys planning on fixing your install so that it doesn't crash FSX? I am new and I mean totally new. But I have several other programs I've purchased and I didn't have this issue until Airbus X. While it seems FSX is clunky and patched together (that must drive you guys nuts when developing for the platform); I don't have this problem with the other aircraft or addons. It might be helpful if you documented the work around with the install.

I downloaded the new launcher. Is that the fix? If it is, please disregard the last sentence with thanks.

I want to get this up and running so I can learn how to fly and then buy the new version next year (I read that it's a killer). The aircraft are beautiful (amazing work...makes me feel humble just looking at them). Thanks in advance for any reply.

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Well it seems I spoke too soon. The fatal error has come back. I'm going to try a number of the fixes suggested. If that doesn't work, I'll reinstall everything. I'll reinstall Airbus X first. Then other utilities and aircraft. Clean boots for everything. I don't want to give up on this. It is a beautiful piece of equipment. Last resort, I'll go straight to support. There doesn't seem to be a definitive answer on the forum and I don't want to add to the clutter.

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I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I may have found a solution. I rolled back my installation to FSUIPC and FSX only. Installed Airbus X. Had the same problems with crashing when I ended the session. Got to the point where I couldn't even open the plane. I deleted the trusted info and started again. This time I left the closing session dialogue box open for 30 seconds. I haven't had a crash since. That includes opening FSX without elevated privileges. Maybe a timing issue.

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I've had this problem too a few times whilst flying this aircraft. I've done all suggestions including replacing and removing the uiaautomation.dll file. It dosen't seem to happen on any other aircraft that I own, except the PMDG 747X, which was Aerosoft wasn't it? Any help would be fantastic!



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Hello Aaron,

Please can you tell us your system specs including your OS and whether its 32/64 Bit.

Have you also tried updating FSUIPC to the latest version to see if that helps..

Intel Core 2 Quad



NVIDIA GeForce 330GT

Windows 7 64bit

FSUIPC is fully updated. I can run the PMDG NGX fine with all settings on 80% and get 21FPS in the VC in Approaching Innsbruck X.

It is not my system that is at fault.

Aaron G

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