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AES Airportrequest post only here! But please before posting read page 1 of this topic.


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NAME: Rom Fiumicino
TYPE: Payware
FS: FSX, P3Dv2
DESIGNER: Dreamfactorystudios
LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/dreamfactorystudio-rome-fiumicino-leonardo-da-vinci-fsxp3dv1p3dv2-(de_8663).phtml


DESCRIPTION SAYS: "Will soon be AES compatible."


the part ""Will soon be AES compatible." is now deleted in Simmarket description

Edit by Emi: The Simmarket description has been wrong and therefore been removed. This scenery will never be AES compatible and therefore never supported.

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Name: Sochi International Airport

Type: Freeware

FS: FS2004
Designer: Versus Scenery Studio (VSS), Sergey Grebenyuk, Aleksandr Sharunov

Link: http://www.avsim.su/f/fs2004-scenarii-44/urss-2014-dlya-fs9-54581.html

As far as I understand, this is a new version of VSS' Sochi 2007, which already has AES support. The new version contains the new built terminal. It would be nice not to "lose" AES in Sochi by following real world developments there...

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