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Modifying AFCAD at Anchorage - which airline goes where?

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Just bought the FS9 version of PANC (finally!!!! I've been waiting for Anchorage for maaaany years).

Since I am a bit pedantic with airline assignments to AFCAD gates, here's a question to all that know PANC well.

I have a whole lot of small airlines that come into ANC and I am not sure where they park, ie which apron/gate/stand:

  • Alaska Central?
  • Conoco Phillips (the oil shuttle to the North Shore)?
  • Desertair with their DC3?
  • Everts Air Cargo?
  • Iliamna Air Taxi?
  • Lynden Air Cargo (there is an assignment in the AFCAD - but is that correct?)
  • Transnorthern (again, there is an assignment in the AFCAD - but is that correct?)
  • Northern Air Cargo (I think the one in the AFCAD is correct)

Also the commuter gates (A and L gates) - do Era, Penair, and Grant just park all over the place mixed with each other? Or is there a series of several stands that re-groups all Era flights, another series that groups all Penair, etc?

Also: some cargo airlines have more than one plane on the ground at PANC at any given moment. I know that all the FDX and UPS planes are grouped in the North Cargo area, the AFCAD has that correct. But what about for instance Korean or Cathay or China Airlines - when they have several planes on the ground at the same time, do they stand next to each other or is their parking random? More than that, is there a patterns which stands are used by which cargo heavies?

And what about those stands on the Northern cargo apron that have NWAC assigned to them - hasn't Delta phased out all the old NWA cargo jumbos? So which airline uses those gates?

Lastly: which airlines/planes park on the Southern end of the airport, i.e. South of the runways?

Thanks a lot. That will help me to perfectionate the AFCAD!

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Near as I can tell they have them all correct.

Iliamna sits just west of the Signature terminal at the East end of the airport.

I think Desertair should be just to the west of Iliamna (between them and Northern Air Cargo) but there are no parking spots for them.

You'll find Everts, ACE, DHL as well as Penair hangers at the North Cargo area. Lynden is correctly placed on the south area.

The North area is populated with Polar Air and Atlas Air Cargo as the sub for DHL. Polar has a DHL color but nobody has done one for ai yet.Question. Have you found ai textures and flightplans for Conoco Phillips?edit: 12/01/11 Just noticed AIG has uploaded Polar/DHL colors to AVSIM and Flightsim

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