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Phase 5 - AND the RTWC - Concluded - Winners will be announced SHORTLY

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Alright Gentlemen - Moment of truth...

First of all, thank you for phase 5. Dedication and no problems with the timeframe

(apart from ME and the last flight of course, but luckily Im back now, and can think about that also - in a moment)

But you guys were brillant as always, and kept focus all the way. I bow to that.

Here are the winners of phase 5.

Best average score: Goncales with 122.26 points. One impressive average in mixed aircraft, I can tell you. Congratulations to you for this great score.

Highest flight score: Maddz with 154.84 points, flown in, in his B757. A great score Maddz. Congratulations.

Highest Landingscore: Andreas with a complete crazy 212.30 points, in the fantastic B737 NGX. Simply outstanding score Andreas.

Screenshot prize - TBA

Congratulations to you all...


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Thanks Ole!

Please people don't forget, the adventure is still pending completion with the online flight ensemble into Andras Field! I miss home... ;-)

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