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Got to get going.... again

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Been a while since I have simmed due to timerestrictions, life is really too short for all you should do. Anyway, I picked my beloved Cessna Citation and flew a short hop from AF to Innsbruck which is one of my favourite destinations (not surprising for a norwegian who loves the hights even when grounded). From Innsbruck I set off for a and 750 miles trip to Bilbao (LEBB) to check out what TropicalSims version was like, I just installed it a few days ago curious about how it affected my framerate when flying a complex resourcehungry plane? Virtual cockpit mode gave me approx. 40-50 f/s which isn't bad having chosen what I term KOK-settings named after an interview with him about FS-settings in PC-pilot a few issues back.

If you have to buy just one more airport before xmas, check out Aerosofts Approaching Innsbruck, good scenery textures and especially the nighttextures are much to my liking.





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