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Hardware poll

Mathijs Kok

Your hardware (read post below poll first)  

727 members have voted

  1. 1. What's your CPU like

    • Intel Core i7 class, pretty fast
    • Intel Core i5 / AMD Phenom II X4 class, more then okay
    • Intel Core i3, Core 2 Quad / AMD Phenom, Athlon, Opteron
    • Slower then all that
    • not sure, that's the thing under the fan right?
  2. 2. How much memory do you have

    • 8 GB or more
    • 6 GB or more
    • 4 GB or more
    • 3 GB or more
    • 2 GB or more
    • 1 GB or more
    • Not sure, for sure some!
  3. 3. What's your harddisk like?

    • SSD + Storage HD
    • Fast raided HD
    • Standard HD
    • Not sure.... that the thing that stores my documents right?
  4. 4. What's your Graphics Card like?

    • Top end >$400
    • High end >$250
    • More then okay >$150
    • More less okay >$75
    • Low end / on motherboard
    • No idea, do I need one?
  5. 5. What OS are you using?

    • W7 / 64 bits
    • W7 / 32 bits
    • Vista / 64 bits
    • Vista / 32 bits
    • XP / 64 bits
    • XP / 32 bits
    • None Windows
    • Not sure, looks nice though.
  6. 6. How do you connect to the Internet

    • Cable / ADSL 8Mbit/s or more
    • Cable / ADSL 4Mbit/s or more
    • Cable / ADSL 1Mbit/s or more
    • Cable / ADSL below 1Mbit/s
    • Dialup
    • Not sure

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I bought a new system recently and (I7, 16 GB RAM, 1 GB Videocard) and for the first time in years I have absolutely reasonable fps in FSX (Average of about 40) and can now use all my beloved planes (Beaver, Twin Otter, Catalina) without having to sacrifice some of the graphics!

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I run a pretty outdated system with Intel Core2Duo at 2,6GHz, 4GB RAM, an nVidia GTX8800 graphics card with 768MB of Video Memory under Vista 32bit and this will remain my system of choice for the near and maybe even mid term future.

I found that unfortunately most of the modern "high requirements" software is poorly designed, developed and programmed and for all good software my hardware is performant enough.

For most of my applications I use there are still no 64bit versions available, for other software the 64bit version is just more or less "compatible"... - I don't see many reasons to upgrade my system.

Besides: when travelling I still use an old netbook with a simple Atom CPU, 2GB of RAM and WindowsXP and - believe it or not - it works! Not very fast but fast enough for most applications except modern games... - and its reliable and robust as a stone.

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My PC runs to an almost identical spec as EDNR-Cruiser's above, 'cept I'm running W7 64bit, on a 64gb SSD for W7 & asscoiated folders, with a Seagate Momentus XT 500 Gb (with onboard 4mb SSD!) as my FSX drive, but other software titles live there too. I have a third, older Hitachi HD used for photos, music, docs, etc. All works swimmingly so far, including a slight overclock on my trusty Core2.

My viewing pleasure is supplied through a 26inch iiyama monitor purchased recently, as my Dell 19inch crt was bending the PC desk so bad that I could no longer open any drawers or doors without the whole structure groaning alarmingly!

I probably will upgrade the mainboard and cpu to Intel 2500K or similar next year, if I dont have to spend two trillion of my euros on doing so...

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I think it is not a high end system anymore, but it can handle almost everything.


Ati 5870


Samsung F3 1GB

Win 7 64

Some tweaks. You don't need to buy more than 6-8 GB of Ram for FSX as it would help nothing as a 32bit application like FSX.exe can only address 4GB of RAM under Windows 7 64 bit. It is a hard limit. 12 or 16 GB does change simply nothing at all.

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I*m use the FS-2004 with full Effects. And I*m a Hardcore flyer. Fs2004 for ever,..noo.. FS 2004 for President:) :)

Joke :)

I think..the fast Hardware Technlogy over-ranning us....

graeatings to aerosoft for the nice support, and thanks for all....:)


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I have a Falcon Northwest Mach V, Intel Core i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07 GHz, 12.0GB Ram, Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit OS, 238GB SSHD & 558GB Western 10,000 rpm HD, liquid cooled, dual video cards and a lot of other bells and whistles. Everything in FSX is set to max. I have over 85 addons from airports, weather, planes, scenery and etc.. I lost my wife more than two and a half years ago, I'm retired so now I'm a boy with his toy. FSX is one of my ways to enjoy life now.............so I go for the gusto.


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I paid EUR 1200 for a recent hardware in june 2011, running FSX and a lot of high-end-add-ons smoothly (REX2, ASE, PMDG 737NGX etc.). For a hobby like flight simulation, this is a justified investment to keep me on top for the next 2 or 3 years. I also use Saitek hardware and have a little home-built cockpit (generic).



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this poll is a good idea.

On my system (C2Q Q9550, GTX460, 8 GB, Win 7 Prof x64, 120 GB SSD, 350 GB Velociraptor, Asus Sonar soundcard) I am still satisfied with the speed FSX and most addons are running. NGX I haven't tried yet - waiting for a CD/DVD release. Perhaps then I'll have to decide again...

Regards and keep the good work


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In the case of choosing hardware I am prefering to make investments in different types of instruments, rudderpedals and yoke's. This because I'm not sure if I will make a larger investment in a new computer and run FSX or remain on FS2004 as a strategy for awaiting Microsoft's Flight. Additionally a high quality yoke, chair etc. adds more realism to the sim without affecting the graphical performance.

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Since my old account is not recognized by the forum I write from this new one.....

Doing such a Hardware poll is a good idea! You should do it regularily, every year for example. To be honest , I was wondering why you didn't do it in the first place already.... Developing into a vacuum must be very hard? I also would like to object to the limited choices:

* Ram goes only up to 8GB, I have 24GB.

* Sorting graphics cards by price?!? Sorry, but that seems utterly uselesss to me. What use is knowing how much it costs, when the important thing is WHAT type of card it is. I suggest re-doing that question and ask about a specific range of models and adequates.

Other than that: Good work! Keep it up!

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My computer is relatively old (4 years now), but I plan to update in the near future.

"cheers" to Thorsten Reichert (developer of Iceland X and Keflavik) for helping me with some problems in the past. Excellent support! :excellenttext_s:

I am still waiting for an Aerosoft interpretation of japanese airports (Osaka Kansai, Tokyo, etc.) for FSX. We had very good scenery by Overland for FS2004, but since my change to FSX Japan is extremely under - respresented in the simulator...

...would be great!

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I use the i7 920 with a Noctua Cooler and overclocked at 3,6 GHz. It gives a average FPS of 25 with most Combinations of Airplane and Scenery (most of the Sliders to the right).

6GB Ram

2x GTX550TI

1TB Standard HD

1 Screen with1920x1200 for FSX

2 other Screens for Tools like Navigraph, FSC, FSINN; Vatroute, Topcat etc.

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my very old System with one of the first Dual Processors, 4GB Mem, 250G HD, modernized Graphic-Card and the good old XP is working just well with FSX.

Very important is regulare cleaning of the system and professional defragging and no other actions after systemstart before FSX-Start.

OK, Paris Orly is a little bit hard if you choose much details, but all over all I have more frames than in Fs2004 related to the displayed details.

Best wishes from Heinz

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