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FSX Programmers: FAA has not taken over the World

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A lot of good it will do to mention this here, but MSFSX programmers need to be reminded that FSX is sold and flown in most of the world and that there are other regulatory agencies than merely the FAA. Just because green\white aerodrome beacons for civil airports exist in the USA, does not mean that FSX can exclude white/white rotataing aerodrome beacons and flashing white only omnidirectional aerodrome beacons regulated by German authorities, under the jurisdiction of Eurocontrol, and other jurisdictions in countries other than the USA, including Canada <smile>

How about transition levels (not all at FL180), atc phraseoligy, altimeter settings (inches versus milibar), speed restrictions, etc.

The FAA, possibly to the surprise of Microsoft programmers has not taken over the world, not even in simulation.

Perhaps we need to send a link to Eurocontrol's AIP to Microsoft programmers:


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