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Canopy blackout

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Hello great glider pilots outhere.

i got some issues with discus x about the canopy...

i made a screenshot of it.http://img200.images...cpitdiscusx.jpg


this is a screenshot from outside with allmost no scenery because i run it on max on airplane to show thats not because my settings are on low.yes only of the scenery.but we are here to talk about the plane not the scenery.i made this one because i wanna to show that the plane rendering is not the issue.

its weird because its the only addon<payware> i got this issue with.

PS. i don't give a Damn about how things look i do it for the experience

because in a month i going to fly this glider for real.. nothing beats that.. no simulator or graphics;)

i know how to edit also VC's

but i don't want too.

only if the canopy stays this way, then i am going to use the vc

discus cs from

change the motor options to key controlled or chance the vc with some buttons or switches or add them.but thats a lot of work.

i hope that somebody here can tell me what other things i can do to see again in vc.

because this is the best glider ever or thats what i think.

i read there is a patch or something for canopy with the reflection issues can anybody tell me if that patch maybe will work? i got a pixelshader of 2.0 and a fx 5600 with 307 mb of video memory.<i bought it in this condition its normaly a vid with max 256 mb of video memory. but its strong enough to run call of duty modern warfare 1 and the minimal vid requirement for discus x is 256 mb with pixelshader 2.0

greetings from EHLW <leeuwarden airbase also glider airport in the weekend.

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i have all ready tryed the canopy less reflection patch not working on my issue.

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Please tell me your system specs and FSX version.

Cheers, Joachim

dou core with 2,66 ghz.

2 gb of ram

and the fx 5600 what normaly a 128 untill 256 mb card is but my vid is a 307 mb

i think is clocked but i got it this way.

i locked fsx with framerate on 30 frames per second.

i got on my screens scenery on very low and the aircraft on max and all other graphics settings on max.

still i got that issue.

like i sayd my pc is strong enough to play call of duty modern warfare 1 on lag.

my system is good enough too run even discus T on low requirement.

so it must run discus X with 1.60 update. and it doing all that no lag at all on discus x even with flex wings on.

but still my canopy is black in VC modus. and when u open a small window like on 1 of those screens it shows the scenery.

so there is something wrong with rendering of the texture ?alpha or do they use a other version of transparant window texture?

my pixel shader is 2.0

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like i sayd ,

all other payware like pmdg 747 no problems at all even with some f16 and other jet fighters addons

only with discus x.

i am all ready working on a differant canopy texture .. i don't mind if its not the orginal cockpit..

i play not for how the cockpit looks but how it fly's .

but if i can't look outside where i am flying well thats ###############..

i don't fly from outside view thats lame.. like driving cars from behind. :dumb_me_s:

i forgot i run fsx on 1024 x 768 32bit modus

also on 1024 x 768 16 bit modus it haves a black canopy.

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In this case, I have no idea at the moment.

I'll foreward this thread to Mathijs, maybe he has an idea.

Best regards, Joachim

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But I am surprised as Joachim is. There is nothing special about the transparent texture or it's structure and we have not heard from any other customer about this problem. So it got to be something on the system itself that causes the issue. There are three known causes for transparency issues, graphic card drivers (well know, but not very common), an incorrect installed Direct X (seen that three times) and a not correctly updated FSX (in other words) not on the SP2 standard we need. This was a very common issue.

Of course, there are several published 'tweaks' for FSX that cause problems like this, so a clean FSX.cfg is always a good idea.

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well thanx mathijs? <dutch?>

weird, like all other payware planes That i got like the A2A/Shockwave - P51D Mustang, A2A Simulations - Wings of Power: Supermarine Spitfire Mk I, Abacus - Carrier Strike Force, Abacus - Fighter Pilot 2. That Have no issues at all, on this system

<calling some Planes That Have Also canopys

but i going to try install directx again.

sp2 is working fine otherwise the strike force etc dont run also. 2.0 and 3.50 i got installed.

and about my graphics card, like i sayd all other things runs normaly..

even your discus x but only like in my screenshots the canopy is turning black.

no framerate issues, no lag , no slowing up my system...

the only thing thats de VC view of the canopy..

i think its also weird because some of freeware planes of one of the creators , the same glider but no motor..

is running great even the canopy. no black just transparant.

so if directx re install is not working.. i think not but i give it a try.

i am going to transfer the texture of the canopy in to discus x from the freeware glider.

or change the colour code in the cfg or ini or where it is in saved.

i let u guys know. if 1 f those 2 options have any luck.

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or have it something to do with pixelshader??

i got only a 2.0 of pixelshader..

that is something i can try change also if the other things is not working.

i know who to change things in 3dmax or photoshop etc.

others i got a friend thats good with 3dmax and photoshop.

but the thing i think is the weird part that every thing else about your discus x is running great. also flexwings.

and all other 3d moving parts.

i think it have to do with pixelshader..

thats the only thing i cant find in your system requirement..

only 256 mb of vid and even better when u got a 512 mb of vid.

not the amount of pixelshader or other importent info..

everything else is within the requirement.. 2,66 duo core, 2 gb of ram.

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Maybe its really your graphics card, because t is rather weak.

Did you try to install the latest driver or if this does not help anolder one (yes somethimes this helps as well)

Bests Joachim

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sorry but i find your comment rader bit silly.

so its not my vid card its something in your textures thats making it look weird..

like i sayd all other PAYwares no problems with..

i got payware planes that have much higher requirement and no problems..

even with tranparant textures.its easy too say its your vid card..

but when all other games and addons give NO problem..

then discus x must give also no problem..because its less higher requirement like the fighter pilot 2..

and like i sayd .. its only the canopy thats weird from inside view outside view its normale...

i think discus x is washed money

but i have chanced the canopy with the discus cs made by one of your modellers..

and no black canopy anymore...

so its deffinitly discus x it self..

when 10 other heavyer addons runs normale no issues and a software with less requirement is given trouble then its not the system its the software...

any one wanna buy my serial?? for discus X

10 dollars

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and 1 tip fsx its own requirement is very very low 32 mb of vid.. 1,0 ghz. and 256 mb of ram..

when u making mods on your own pc it runs like hek.. but on a other pc it can run terrible

why computers are like woman no 1 a like!!!even twins are nothing alike..

computers also same spec still differant errors..

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Hi Seiran,

I believe your FX5600 is a pretty old piece of hardware. In the past I had similar problems with an FX5200 despite the advertiserments on the box of fulfilling the required specifications. After switching to a more up-to-date version all the problems were gone. FSX is rather picky with the graphics card.

If you have the opportunity, I'd suggest trying out a more recent model and see what happens.



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ok well if i can play armed assault and that kind of games without any problem

and other addons without any problem and this thing gives me problems..

i dont lie ,it is old card.. and normaly they are only 128 or 256 but my card is a 307 mb

but i dont have any problems with other 3d objects in every game i got even fsx..

if there is a demo of discus T i going to prove that its in the texture files..

my pc is every thing that is required for discus x otherwise i don't have bought a copy..

if i read my pc is below specs. but it is not. so it must run..

and if pmgd .abacus flight 1 addons don;t give me any problems at all why wasting my time.. on 1 addon that don't function properly with in the system requirement..

it is a software issue not a hardware issue.

if all other planes with same kind of canopy is running properly...

that have even higher system requirement ..

it is not a hardware issue..

so i read that there are more issues about the canopy of this addon.

but if u read and look at the screenshot number 4.

that is a view from outside.. no issues at all.. its in VC thats the issue.

if my vid was weak it wont render your high skin textures.but if u see it does..

so please

dont comment about my system.. lets look at the problem...

i ask for help what i can fix about it with 3d max or adobe photoshop or by simply change something in the cfg files..

not for things i already know.. that my vid is old one..

if other addons run normaly.. than i simply de install discus x..

maybe i give my copy to somebody i know that have a better vid card/system.

its a shame really i do want to fly this bird but from inside VC view.. and the only thing is blocking me for doing that is the canopy..

look at screenshot number 2 & 3.. 3 you see my instrument panel look how sharp it is.. so whats the issue about a weak vid..

it is not weak it got 307 mb and your system req is 256 mb for video memory. if it can render the instrument panel that sharp why cant he do the canopy.. thats my question... why can he render every thing but the canopy vc view...

if u look at my list above what other addons i play with this vid.. they are more complexed that discus x.. and there is no problem..!!!! so read before u re-act.

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first: It is very annoying to read 100 times, that it is not your hardware and all other add ons run nicely and so on.

sedond: we tried to help you, and you simply don't want to belive that your video card is a piece of ###############. (Todays videocards are much faster and have around 700mb up to more than 1gig of memory!)

third: I really don't want to answer anymore if you tell me, my help is silly.

But one last thing: NOBODY has the same problem as you have. And you want to tell me, its my design that causes the problem? It doesn't matter if other "PAYware" add ons, or freeware or whatever, work. It is defininetly something on your system. And if you think, you can change something on my plae in 3ds max or photoshop, go and try, but at least the 3ds max idea will not be successful (and by the way illegal).

A pity that the vote down option was dropped.

Topic closed (due to insulting posts and illegal ideas).

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