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Cannot find FSC saved flight s in FSX Flight planner on networked PC's


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I cannot make saved FSC 9 flight plans, which are in FSC 9 on my Client, Acer-PC, appear in my FSX Flight Plan folder (C:\Users\Clive\My Docs\Flight Sim X files) in my Main PC. Both PC's are running Win 7 Home Premium.

I have networked 2 PC's one running FSX (Clive-PC) the other FSC (Acer-PC). When I turn on the PC's and look in Network on my Acer-PC (my client PC which has FSC on it) I see a network icon with (\\Clive-PC) (Y:) Below this I see a network icon folder: Flight Simulator X Files Opening this folder I see my Saved Flight s which have been saved using the FSX Flight Planner. So it seems the 2 PC's are talking to each other OK. There is another icon in the Acer Network folder which is fsx(||Clive-PC): (Z:)

Looking in FSC (on the Acer PC) in Window\Options Flight plan I have 3entries in the drop down menu.

C (Acer),

Y:[\\Clive-PC\Documents] Opening this I see :Y\ Flight Sim X Files, the folder is closed, double clicking on the folder opens it. There are no entries inside the folder.

Z:[Clive-pC\fsx] Clicking on this shows one open folder, Flights, and 2 sub folders, “kiosk”, and “other”. None of the Radio buttons on the left side of the window are selected.

If I close the Window entry on the menu bar and re-open it ( Window\Options Flight plan) the default menu is Z: [\\Clive-PC\fsx]

If I open the Flight Plan list in FSC I see all the FSC saved flights but none of them appear in FSX.

Checking in my FSX PC the C\Users\Clive\My Docs\FSX Files sharing has been set to \\Clive-pc\Users\clive\documents\FSX Files. The Share setting has 2 entries, Clive set to Owner and Everyone which has Read/Write permissions. The Advanced button shows Share this folder ticked, Share name is FSX, Permissions – Everyone: Full Control, Change and Read all ticked. The same settings for Administrator.

I have closed both PC's and restarted them. Looking at the Acer PC in FSC I see that Window\Options Flight plan has reverted to Z:[Clive-pC\fsx]

When I run the 2 PC's the moving map works perfectly so the PC's are communicating but the saved FSC flight plans still do not appear in the FSX flight plan folder. I am saving the FSC fligh tplans as FSCommander and Flight Simulator

Can you please tell me how to make this happen?

Thank you.


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