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Quick Question about the Reality XP 530 (Solved)


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EDIT, PS I added it manualy by copy and past from another aircraft, its working now.

is it possible to add a 2D popup gauge for the 530W like my other aircraft. I have it installed with the config you gave us with the Katana but its just the 3D version. Sometimes its hard to read as its not as sharp as I would like and its not nearly as sharp and clear as the 2D window.

I thought about using the Reality XP config program to add the 2D gauge but as this aircraft has a strange panel setup I dont want to mess with it incase I screw it up :rolleyes:

I realise its a 3rd party gauge and not part of the Katana package but it would be great to have the popup to make filling in flightplans easier.


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