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Phase 2 - FINALLY concluded.... Winners announced inside.

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OK Gentlemen...

Finally, after years of delay (well almost) and confusion, I have done the math, and looked at endless amounts of great screenshots.

Here are the results of Phase 2 - with a plethora of prizes... :excellenttext_s:

Highest Flight Score:

Lars - with his 155.99 flight score, flying the Boeing 737. Great flying there Lars.

Highest Landing Score:

Goncales. 155.78 Landing score piloting an Airbus A320. A very high landing score Goncales - Well done.

Highest Average score:

Concales making a staggering 124,48 average score - and I might add, due to 30 straight three-digits scores. Fantastic achievement Goncales.

Smallest deviation from the groups average score:

ManueIL with his 101.52 average score - deviating only 1.10 from the group average of 102.62. Well done Manuel.

And finally - the pictures from Phase 2.

I looked through all pics - and everytime a picture "spoke to me" in any way, I downloaded it, and en the end I had 26 picures on my harddrive. I then went through them again and again, and everytime, I excluded one more and one more... End the end I ended up with this one.

My reasons for choosing this pic:

It is a very picturesque screenshot. Would do great as a 5 by 3 foot wall poster. It yells "Emilia Erhart" to me. Shows exactly what I find this challenge to be. A very lonely ride, with only the tiniest glimpse of life, Its a great shot and here it is:


Congratulations to Maddz for this winning DC-3 screenshot.

And this concludes phaze 2 gents.

I have a few DC-2 aircraft, Some free of choice FSAddon downloads, or Aerosoft downloads, for the winners to pick from. Please let me know what you prefer.

AND - remember - if you didnt win anything this time - Phase 3 is almost over, so kick in screenies and keep those scores coming. In the end of phase 5 a true - final winner will be announced (highest combines average score) so press on, do good - keep flying.

p.s. can anyone point me to the final results - and winners of phase 1? I cannot find the post.... :confused_s:

EDIT: Found it... duh! right there... :dumb_me_s:

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Thanks Ian.

Im shocked 1 of my pics won!

Congrates to the others...those high scores will take some beating !

Ole - Im sure this took alot of time to go through so thanks for your time.

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Hey guys! Very happy with the scores! Thanks Ole for the excellent work, with various prizes involved!

Just one thing, it's Gonçalo or Goncalo here! :crylaugh_s:

I do know that Speedy Gonzales is much more well known than I am... I can say taht of experience during the 3,5 years of experience living in the UK

As for my scores, it was a great phase, which unfortunately I couldn't repeat for phase 3... The ammount of "weird" approachos that are contrary to FSFS's logic on this phase didn't allow for the same perfomance! Nevertheless, I think I nailed a really good landing in the middle of it... Fingers crossed!

Congratulations the the colleagues on this adventure! Maddz, really nice screenie, and Lars, what a score! :clapping_s:

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Thanks guys! Well, I was amazed myself with that score. I guess it all came together on that flight. :)

Congratz to all other winners!!

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Thanks a lot! I never have won a prize for being the most average before :lolsign_s:

Congratualtions to all other winners as well!

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Guys... I have heard from Lars and Gomoreira. don´t the rest of you want your prizes?

Please write to me (or PM me) with your wishes.

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