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Is EHAM ok now ?


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There seems to be an issue here with what your saying, what is classed as not working and what is working! Example; As Microsoft are always updating there products especially there Operating Systems with updates and fixes, at what point is the customer entitled to compensation.

This amazed me totally. So Aerosoft is now looking what kind of legal stuff Microsoft would use if they wouldn't update? I hope I misunderstood you. If I understand you correctly then it's pretty simple:

1. A product must work properly when this was bought.

2. A product must fullfill what it's suppost to do. Ie, what it shows on the box and/or in advertisement(s).

Both is not the case. For example it states the requirements what kind of minimum system you need to properly run this scenery. I only see reactions of people who have a higher system then required.

Then if you look at the "details" and "features" what this up to date scenery would have, then I can tell you there is a lot of work to do to meet what is promised. I don't have to tell you what. The only flaw I can think off is that the bridges, with the technologie at that time it came out, should be like Leipzig. It is part of the taxi way which should be with "realistic rendered textures". Another thing could be that the minimum requirement is when you use the default planes. But that doesn't say anywhere and commercial wise might not be handy because (almost) everybody is using a PMDG etc plane.

Then another thing. Microsoft is sending me updates almost every day. They will stop doing this when other companies who use the software of MS won't use a certain OS anymore. I think that XP in the comming years will have that. In the mean time has MS updated this OS for years (also with SP's)!

I don't know the legal system in Germany but here you would go down big time for the reasons 1 and 2. I would guess that in Germany it wouln't be that much different. I won't sue you for a E 25,- product, but the excuses used above is very low and for your customers not really an advertisement. In general I would have believed that Aerosoft would have done more with this too long lasting issue.

Kind regards,


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Hello John,

I think you did misunderstand, it was to do with at what point is a customer entitled to a refund according to the statement below and absolutely nothing to do with Aerosoft.

At what point can the customer say I'm sick of all the problems and Updates and want a refund for this product. So its about the statement and not the product.

The mention of Windows was purely an example of this law should it happen.

I said in an earlier post that they should give a compensation in any form to anyone who has bought this product as it seems they are not able to produce a patch that solves all the issues and complaint. European law is enforcing this!
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Hi Shaun, just for your info.



When are you entitled to free repair or replacement?

The seller is liable for the proper performance of your purchase for a period of at least 2 years. If the purchased item becomes defective within 6 months or if, within this period, the performance of the purchased item is not what you might reasonably expect of it, it is assumed that the lack of conformity already existed at the time of purchase. This does not apply, if the seller can prove that the defect is your own fault. If the defect becomes apparent between 6 and 24 months after purchase, it is your responsibility to show that the defect or fault already existed at the time you purchased the item. You are entitled to repair or replacement of your purchase free of charge, if a defect becomes apparent through no fault of your own within a period of 2 years. Repair or replacement must take place within a reasonable period and without any serious inconvenience to you.

When are you entitled to a refund?

The seller is only entitled to refuse to repair or replace a faulty item, if this would entail unreasonably high costs for the seller. In that case or if repair or replacement is not possible or undesirable for any other reason, you are entitled to:

  • A suitable price reduction (i.e. a discount in arrears).

    • Have the contract of sale rescinded (return of the purchase sum against the return of your purchase). The seller does not have to agree to this, if the defect or fault is minor

      You may also choose between a price reduction and rescission of the contract of sale in the event:

      • The seller takes too long to propose a solution.
      • This solution causes you serious inconvenience.

      [*]If the item has already been repaired or exchanged twice and the defect or problem has not been remedied

      So, let's go for the perfect patch !


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