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If you downloaded before May, 16th 2011

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Hi guys.

There was a small issue with the installer.

The module for the C4 will not be loaded with the "old version"

The following entry in the dll.xml is missing:


<Name>b21 vario sound control</Name>







This causes the vario will beep in the swiss version all the time, even if the C4 is off. (And it will beep uncompensated in the way, MS controlls it, wich is completely wrong and disturbing)

If you have purchased the Discus glider X first (and if its still installed), you don't suffer from this issue.

So if you bought before may, 16th and have no Discus Glider X (not K) installed, please either redownload and reinstall the Dimona, or add the Launch addon thing to your dll.xml file.

Best regards, Joachim

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