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VC not so good with TrackIR

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Hi...First off I love so many aspects about this plane which is my first Aerosoft plane purchase. The C4, prop physics, flight modelling seem really immersive to me - the amount of work that went into this is obviously huge - some genius at work.

Also this is the only real option for a motorglider in FSX that I am aware of.

I am not being nasty but just giving honest feedback - what is not immersive for me (while using TrackIR) is the VC.

I have planes from other companies such as Classics Hanagar (Focke Wulf FW190), A2A (Piper & Spit) , FSD (P38), Lotus, Lionheart Creations (Epic Victory, Pasped Skylark and Kodiak) and Carenado (M20J, though upgraded by Orbx) and soon 2 Sibwings planes (Birddog and Safir).

For all my other payware planes I have (some a few years old) when I lean in to do something like flick a switch the IMMERSIVENESS INCREASES.

For this plane when I lean in the IMMERSIVENESS DECREASES. So much so I am flying with the TrackIR off. Perhaps I will tire of this plane for this reason. It seems likely because I love flying with TrackIR.

This cockpit was not made to be looked at closely. I feel to list every point is quite meaningless because it is so obvious if it is tested and would also be disrespectful to those that made it if I list all the things as though they were errors. They aren't errors at all - a design decision was made to not put that much effort into this aspect of it I assume because of cost (time) and perhaps the average person does not have a TrackIR.

With my Orbx scenery and all my other payware planes looking perfect this just seems a bit out of place in my view especially considering it is a brand new plane.

Remember this is all just my opinion, I hope everyone is mature enough to understand I am not trying to hurt/flame anyone. It is a fact that with TrackIR and leaning in, for example, some writing on the VC becomes illegible as it is so blurry- not just a little (which would be OK) but a lot.

I would be quite happy to pay for a HD upgrade to the cockpit.

Is there a chance of getting one ?

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Sorry, I have no idea, why track IR should be a problem. I use it myself, and I think at least 50% of my beta group does. Do you mean a blurred cockpit?

Then let me tell you the following:

Please slide the global resolution slider to full max and activate aniso filtering.

If you still find, it is too blurry (though everything must be readable now) Then it is like that.

The design of the plane is 3 years old. (of course it changed during time, but the mapping etc can't be changed all the time making it better and better. I use only 1024x1024 maps in FSX according to FSXs standards. I don't do any bigger maps. wich will not work without tweaking the CFG file. And last but not least. I feel very strong on performance issues! I think, I can say proudly, that the Dimona does not hit the frames at all (at least on my mashine) Every "hd texture" will affect performance of course.

Se, an HD update would make more work then expected, because you must make the whole thing homogeneous again. It would look strange if something is extremely cristal clear, and other things are not.

The only two things, where I can understand your point are the XPDR and the prop unit, wich are a bit blurred though perfectly readable. I will try to get them sharper in future.

I hope I understand you right and this answeres your question.

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Thanks for your well thought out response.

I do already have those settings for the graphics.

Just to explain the reasons for me thinking this was possible and not so difficult (in my ignorance)

1) Many of the planes I have listed above have a regular 1024 texture pack and a 2048 or even 4096 texture pack as well and you can switch between them, However they were made this way from the beginning I guess.

2) The Carenado M20J which is also 3 years old (I think it is not even sold anymore?) got this complete free VC upgrade on Orbx's website from 1024 to 2048 (see down the bottom of this page), so I thought it was possible.

Obviously I was wrong however as this plane is different, it would take a lot more time and perhaps no demand from your other customers who may not wish for the higher textures due to frame rate performance. Indeed I just bought a brand new PC because my old one could not handle my planes at high def lol !! So from a business decision I understand.

Yes you got it - the XPDR and prop unit - now that would be a big improvement and certainly much appreciated. Thank you so much.

Could I humbly ask if possible could you please do the label under the switches ? (if possible)

In fact if you did those 3 things they were only things I did not like and this topic would be irrelevant !!

(GPS, C4, gauges, seats, controls etc all fine)

I just don't like leaning in and seeing very blurry text, a little is OK, just a personal thing.

Thanks very much again for your answer. I really do appreciate the other aspects of this awesome plane.

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I didn't say, that it is not possible, I only said, that It would produce more work then expected ;-)

What do you mean with labels under switched? There are labels for the switches, and I am afraid, these can't be changed in resolution.

Bests Joachim

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I use TrackIR and for me the cockpit itself looks perfectly fine on my 24" monitor at 1920x1200, even when I lean in. I don't flip switches with my nose, though. I always keep a realistic distance to the instruments.

But there is one thing that I don't like: the rear windows are missing. When I look around with TrackIR I always notice that the rear windows don't have any textures/reflections and that they basically are just holes in the aircraft. It would be great if there was a way to change that. It's more evident in motion than it is on these screenshots:



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Joachim - I did not mean on switches but under them. Hope that makes sense.  

Jigsaw - The issue you have found is a substantive error - I also vote for that to be fixed.

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I'm with Jigsaw, the VC is just fine and I'm using a close view on e. g. the C4 and also lean forward when switching the fuel pump or something.

I think that we could follow your "low quality" impression more closely if you would offer some pictures of details where you think some work is still needed.

Oops, I never realized those window textures to be missing. Very good observation, Jigsaw (or a very bad one from my side, lol).

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