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Up for a nice tour?

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I flew with the engine running all the time (except for one small gliding part), but the approach part was glider only and worked well. I hope you can catch some drift why this plane is so nice. My speed was around 80+ kts in average, so well above "too slow".

Click the pictures if you like to see them bigger.

105nm from Springbank CYBW to Sparwood/Elk Valley CYSW.

Starting at Springbank CYBW

Turn West and follow the highway

Ghost Lake comes up, turn West some more, the highway as reference with the mountains in sight

Highway junction ahead and now starting to turn southerly headed, following the road and the water as entry point to the mountains

Keep that road as reference, the direction mainly stays South

Stay in the valley

Water shaped like Italy to your right? You're right on spot, those Kananaskis Lakes welcome you

The valley still forms the direction to be flown

40nm out

At around 10nm out, you will pass Elkford

Elkford behind me, time for the approach, a silent one

The field in sight, Sparkwood/Elk Valley CYSW

More of the field, the winds favour the other runway, so I'll circle

Approach, after circling

Landed. Welcome!

They even had a free parking spot for me

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