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FDC Live Cockpit 2011 - Error 13

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Liebe FLUSI-Freunde, :rolleyes:

ich möchte nich lang um den heißen Brei reden, und komme gleich zu Sache :) :

Immer wenn ich im FDC 2011 Hauptmenü auf Logbuch klicke, erscheint Error 13 und das Programm schließt sich dann selber :blink: .

Kennt jemand das Problem, und weiß was man dagegen tun kann? Hab auch ein Bild angehängt ;)

Danke im Vorraus



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English version please?

I am also having issues with FDC LIVE Cockpit.

I am getting errors 58 and 6 however instructions provided on hyperlink below do not fix the issues.


Much to my discust, I have installed it however keep getting the same errors pop up when trying to run.

Errors are as follows:

Error 58 File Already Exists in ' CheckinFile' routine

Error 6 Overflow in update Blackbox routine

I have no idea what this means and how to fix it. I have read several posts from the Aerosoft Forum only to be dissapointed when the instructions they provide don;t fix the issue as seen on link below.


For the sake of possible up and coming help tips!

I am running windows 7 64 bit

3.6ghz i7 920 (estimated figure after over clock...not a pro computer genius!...obviously)

6gb ram

2gb 6950 series graphics card, and plenty of hard disk space.

The issue is the following:

program installed without a hitch, it puts a shortcut on the desktop after installation, I double click on that and then get the errors

Error 58 File Already Exists in ' CheckinFile' routine

Error 6 Overflow in update Blackbox routine

CLick ok for both of thos, original FDC splash screen stays for a while then disapears. No indication that program is actually running, I have checked Task manager and there IS NO program running. So not sure what is actually going on.

ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE WONDERFUL! I know there is someone out there who has managed to fix this, please step forward! haha

Thanks again


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