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The Aerosoft offices and Aerosoft staff (2011)

Mathijs Kok

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There are a lot of people who don't really understand the size of Aerosoft these days and we thought it would be fun to show you some pictures of the offices we work from and the people that work there. It will give you some idea of how Aerosoft functions and what goes on behind the web facade. All the comments are mine and mine only!

Shop. We always had a small shop so people can visit us to pick up stuff and see what we got. It's also used as a demo area we use for guests.




Bookkeeping, secretarial services. But also reception, telephone dispatch, office management etc. Little that's not done in this office. Nicole Schmidtmeier (left) and Sabrina Rösen (right). Note the charts on the wall, we intend to concur all of that with our products!


Managing Director office. The office of our fearless leader and CEO, Winfried Diekmann. Normally this is a busy place where people come by to make sure Winfried is up to date with what's going on. Winfried is a very hand-on manager (a bit of a euphemism that) but still a great guy to work for. The pins in that map behind him shows where we got shops and offices.


Sales Director & Purchase and Logistics office. Sascha Baumhoer sits here and runs his little empire. By far the sections of Aerosoft that runs smoothest. Sascha is a great friend, but we are all a little bit afraid of him because his deadlines are serious. Aerosoft would crumble without him, serious. Very organised office.


Product Management & Marketing. The people who work there (left to right Guenter Zehnel, William Lennox, Tiziana Krűger) think it's the 'cool office'. Tiziana handles all the official communication, press releases, newsletters etc. Guenter does trains and busses but also has omnipotent powers when our fearless leader Winfried is out of office. William handles many of the complex aircraft add-ons but also is our in-house movie director. The board behind them is our release schedule. Wall of shame and hope, we call it.


Accounting. Simone Tewes (left) and Eva Lȍffler (right) pay the invoices. All the external developers who get paid royalties, love them. I mean, really seriously love them. Allergic to open invoices, both of them.


3D development. Some people say this office has a very low frame rate. It's our 3D department where four people create the models for our FS and professional products. Left to right, Kevin Proft, Fabian Brȍcklin and Paul Dűster. Missing from the image is Martin Schmieschek as he had to take (all) the image(s). The second image shows Vanessa Hüser, she's in the same office but as she does not do 3D work but only manuals and other printwork so the boys did not want her on their picture. Boys will be boys....



Software development. These folks create tools, manage the websites etc. Left to right, Frank Wiesmann, Maria Plet, Tim Schäfer, Christian Keil and Andreas Mügge. This office is not as boring as it seems here, they actually removed all the NSFW material before taking the image. The two hats belong to Maria and Andreas but they refused to put them on for the photo. Second image shows Fabian Boulegue (he was not around when the other image was taken.



Quality Management. Nice guys (left to right, Anton Flichtbeil and Raphael Jakob) but many developers like to hurt them when they find a bug 12 seconds before release. The good thing is that we can always blame them for any bug they missed! The also handle a lot of support and customers assist. Their office is a bit messy most of the time.


Sales. Sabrina Schröder (left), Carina Pelkman (right), Bérangère Auster (second image). Pretty important office as this is where the money comes in. Like accounting they run a tight ship and a tight office. Think the plants need some water though, ladies!



EBAY Sales. Manuela Böckmann handles our eBay sale. You notice how we are a very modern office but we still got a load of paper in our office? Again note the map onthe wall, it's recurrent theme in our office.


The warehouse. Always the place that impresses visitors most. It's the biggest collection of boxed FS add-ons worldwide. We do not only handle our own products but also manufacturing and distribution for other companies. In fact we think that half of all (!) boxed FS add-ons has been in our warehouse at one time or another.

This is where the products are bundled and packaged.



More storage, we got close to 12000 square meter of space and it's all used. To be honest, I don't even KNOW the room shown on the right!



Not the most glorious of offices, but an important one. Anna Henneböhle (left), Jessica Bogel (right) and Klaus Böckmann (second image) are preparing the boxes that soon will be shipped to people all over the world.



See the stacks of disks? Close to 100.000 DVDs! On ten second image you see boxes that are full with the DVD inserts (the printed sheet that's behind the transparent cover on the box).



Outside our headquarters we got some offices where people work.

Aerosoft France main office. Located in Paris and in the picture you see Alejandro Diaz. He's responsible for the French market but also for Spain, Italy, South America, well in fact all countries where people see more sun then they do in Germany. Rest of his office consist of Lego.


Aerosoft France my own home office. I (Mathijs Kok) have a few functions, I am responsible for download sales and as part of that partly decide what's shown on our websites. But I am also a project manager for flight sim add-ons and a few stand-alone products like Jet Thunder. I also manage the customer support and forums. Bit of a boring office but I got the best view.


Our USA office. Opened in 2010. Rita and Wolfgang Burchhardt (yes we export Germans to the USA as well) run this busy and steadily growing office. They ship boxed products as well so shipping costs are very reasonable for the US and Canada


Somewhere in the UK, the home office of Shaun Fletcher, our lead customer support office and my comrade in arms for a very long time. He knows more about our products than anybody else and is also the person to slap your wrist if you are too enthusiastic on the forums.


Somewhere in Germany, the home office of Peter Werlitz. Peter is one of our scenery developers and also structures the internal scenery development. Note he got two (2!) calendars on the wall in front of him. One serves as the backup in case one of the systems goes down. We like that attention to detail.


Somewhere in Germany, the home office of Thorsten Reichert. Thorsten does much of the German Support but is also developing scenery files. Is that a iMac you are trying to hide, Thorsten?


Somewhere in Germany, the home office of Stefan Hoffmann (right) and Laika (left). Stefan is one of our 3D modelers, you know him from products as the Airbus X and the PBY Catalina. Cleanest office we have ever seen.


Somewhere in Denmark. The (small) office of Finn who does a lot of XML coding for us. Again charts on the wall, and note the scale model of the Catalina. One of the fine products I worked with Finn on.


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wub.gif I'm starting to fall in love with Aerosoft, the honesty and the love of costumers is truly amazing...

There is only one thing I want to say keep rockin' and good luck with taking the world... Oh and don't leave me in the room with the 100.000 DVD's because there aren't going to be any when you come backbiggrin.gif

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  • Root Admin

So now I feel I know all of you guys. I have mail contact with some, but its really great to see, not only faces, (whole bodies in fact), but also see offices, and get locations. Great post Mathijs. - Thanks to all who let you make it, with their pictures and all. smile.gif

Keep in mind, these are only the people we got fixed contracts with. Most of the development teams are not included here but many of them got Aerosoft as their main business as well. So actually we are about 50% larger then what's shown here. The growth of Aerosoft in the last 3 years has been our major problem. It's hard to keep track of everything. For example OMSI is a name that many of our customers will not ring a bell, but it is the biggest selling product we have at this moment (for good reason, it rocks).

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The best way to clean offices with us is to say it's going to be photographed.

Dont tell my boss that he might be tempted to try with us. Though in all honesty only bribes would work :lol: As soon as any one mentions photographs you will never see anyone move quicker than me. I'll be gone, never to be found for the rest of the day

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  • Root Admin

Whooooaaaa... I honestly thought it would only be a few people. But you peeps got a very serious company there. Is the warehouse in the same building?

No, I asked Martin to make an image of the outside. Attached is at least an impression of our layout.


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Interesting to see where my copy of London VFR was packed and posted from!

Great idea for a thread, Mathijs. I think it really brings home one important fact - that Aerosoft is a business, and that all these people's fortunes are tied in with it. I know I wasn't very thrilled at the announcement that an F-14 would be developed, rather than an aircraft I wanted. But these photos show people who have to pay the rent and put food on the table like all of us, and if the Tomcat is a better commercial prospect than, say, a C-46, then who can argue.

Umm...just one query though...is Eva Lȍffler spoken for ? ;)

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Great to see you guys and especially some of the people I have been in contact with. Enjoyed seeing what flight related stuff you have on your desks wall ceiling. Keep up the great work!

From the home office of Chompski (sharing desk space with a F104, Spitfire and a Dinky Hawker Hunter- LOL)

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GREAT insight Mathjis, hey are those poster prints from Roy Lichtenstein hanging in your office. Great to not only see the art of Aerosoft the way things work but the art hanging in the office.

As an art teacher in elementary school here its nice to see that people still appreciate real art.



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That's a nice post Mathijs. The openness you show to us customers is quite remarkable, should be appreciated any day. So it looks like you have got together a fantastic team there!

I especially like that little convex mirror on Vanessa Hüsser's right TFT-Screen. Smart idea! She must be very vigilant (talk about her grin). :D

Thanks for posting this!

Regards, Rafael

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Wow, it's great to see the inner workings of Aerosoft. It looks like a prosperous and well managed company, with desks much cleaner than mine. laugh.gif Keep up the great work!

P.S. I love that warehouse...

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  • Root Admin

GREAT insight Mathjis, hey are those poster prints from Roy Lichtenstein hanging in your office. Great to not only see the art of Aerosoft the way things work but the art hanging in the office.

As an art teacher in elementary school here its nice to see that people still appreciate real art.



Big fan of pop art... A shame it is impossible to afford these days.

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