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Mike D

GPS closed circuit

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I'm a newby, to FSX. I've tried to set up my own local route. I'm sure it's simple but I've tried to set up a closed circuit (where I return to the start point).

I'm using the route planner in free flight. If I choose the start and destination aiports to be the same, I cannot add way points for the route.

I ended up picking a local municiple airport, close by and then instead of landing I turned & headed home.

Is there a simple way of creating a closed loop circuit for soaring?

thanks for the assistance.

MIke Dolson

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There is also a 99% solution to that, without XML-editing.

1) Open FSX flightplanner and select your departure (choose some runway, say RW 18).

2) Select the same airport as destination

3) Go back to departure setting. Switch to some other location on the airport, say RW 36 (i.e. opposite)

4) Do "Find route", GPS direct. Now you have a flightplan along your runway.

5) Go to the route edit tab zoom as necessary and drag the course where you want.

If your waypoint is too far outside the window, just drop the route in between and cancel the superfluous waypoints later.

The only thing which is not perfect with this is that the route starts at one end of your departure airport and ends at the other end. Don't try resetting the departure again, because you'll need to go to "find route" again and loose all your work.

You may use parkings as well.



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Thanks for the reference link & tips.

They are very much appreciated.

I'm still very much a Nube with FXS, but after the first intro lessons I'm hooked on soaring.

Mike D

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...hooked on soaring.

Mike D

Great to hear! Welcome to the community!


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