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US Cities X - Cleveland

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Whens the release date :lol:

Edit: I recon you can get a DC-3 under most of those bridges. Mathijs you shloud try the bridges at Andras Field :lol:

The project is already in Beta. Depending on what is found a release might happen very soon. I'll talk to Sascha today to schedule.

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Not really. I agreed with Aerosoft to finish another US City every 2-3 months while working on Antarctica all the time in between. I got a set of almost finished cities here that have been prepared last year and each just need to be made ready for release. I won't let you know which ones, but they will be released one after another. :)



I am dying to find out what the other "almost finished" cities will be. I am hoping for Boston and DC but will be happy with whatever is released. One of the reasons why I made the switch to FSX was because of the US Cities X series. Great work Sascha.


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  • Deputy Sheriffs
Have flown into Kelleys and Put in Bay airports back when I did real world.


They would be wonderful to add in to the CLE package (which looks great!!!).

Anything I can do?

No, you don't need to do anything. Voila!:

I decided to add the US Lake Erie Islands as a free goodie! For those who don't know them:

It's a group of islands west of Cleveland in easy reach for a short sightseeing trip. But the best about it: Almost all of the islands (except the VERY tiny ones) have airports or airstrips making them a superb terrain for some nice island hopping close to the big city! Here's a short list of what is included in this little "scenery in a scenery":

  • Aerial coverage with detailed watermasks (you will also see some underwater terrain where the water level is low)
  • Very dense Autogen
  • 6 semi detailed island airports
  • AI boats commuting between the islands
  • Animated bird swarms with sounds
  • Church bell in Put In Bay ringing between 12 and 1pm each day
  • Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial (a 352 foot tall free standing tower)

Check out the screenshots and the attached updated KMZ file for Google Earth:


Put In Bay


Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial


Put In Bay Airport


Approaching Put In Bay


Kelley's Island


Kelley's Island approach


Rattlesnake Island with its tiny airstrip


Middle Bass Island airport (front) and Middle Bass Island East Point Airstrip (back)


North Bass Island


The Bass Islands from high above


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North departure from Put in Bay/South Bass airport puts the monument right in your windscreen after takeoff.

Also fun to watch from atop the monument as people bet on which side departing planes will turn to.

Thanks for putting more sailboats than powerboats on the mooring balls off of the Boardwalk.

The area just west of the monument could use a few boats too (where the shadow of the monument is). Popular place to anchor for those of us that are too cheap to pay for a ball.

Thanks for keeping me from having to learn Gmax.. Flying there without the monument is just wrong.

I've been bugging both of the VA airlines that I fly for to include this airspace. I'm thinking now I'll have a much better case.

Great job!!!:)

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  • Deputy Sheriffs
Dont know if I missed reading it anywhere but is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame included as part of the scenery?

Of course!

Release is planned for next week.



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