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What about PORTS for FSX?


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If Aerosoft staff don't mind me *jumping* in here ...as one customer to another ...

Also,complex units could be built,like Carriers,FFGs,destroyers or cruisers.

Carriers, FFG's, destroyers or Cruisers are all already avaliable in FSX, eg. Javier's Nimitz Package (uss_nimitz_ike_version2.zip) or

seahawkx_100.jpgSeahawk & Jayhawk X (FSX+FS2004*) which includes some.

...,what do you think about implementing detailed 3D ports and harbours?

If I understand your question correctly, this would be part of the scenery (Scenery/SimObject Elements). There are many developers already developing scenery packages, some of them are port cities with harbors. Aerosoft & FSAddon have done a few already, and some of these are amoung the best; and as Mr. Fletcher has already mentioned, there are lots more in their Online Store:-

gibraltarx_100.jpgGibraltar X (FSX+FS2004) , tongassfjordsx_100.jpgFSAddon - Tongass Fjords X , sanfrancisco_100.jpg US Cities X - San Francisco (FSX only)

and helgolandbox_100.jpgHelgoland X (FSX+FS2004)

Good Luck and Enjoy! :D

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