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A320 Prestige LFMN/LXGB

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I also want to show you a few pics of a flight with my new A320 Prestige livery i got a few weeks ago.

So here we go:

Todays flight will bring us from LFMN (Nice Cote d'Azur) to LXGB (Gibraltar). We're going to fly the Aerosoft A320 in Prestige Colours (Many thanks to Holgi for his great repaint;)).


The Airbus stands at the airport and we're waiting for our VIP guests to arrive at the airport.

The weatherforecast for Nice isn't that great today and so we want to get out of here quickly.

After the guests arrived and boarded we're taxiing and holding at runway 04L...


...and takeing.


The weather here in Nice is getting worse and worse and so we're in clouds soon.



After that last view of Nice we're now climbing to our cruise altitude of FL390.

Even though the Aircraft itself is an businessjet the cockpit of the A320 Prestige looks exactly as the one of the "regular" A320.



As you can see aboce the sky is clear as soon as we've made it through the clouds.

Now as we are in cruise we have some time to chill and so we can have a great look at europe...


On the lower left side of the picture we can see our destination Gibraltar.

A look outside of the passengerwindow is worth it everytime and as we can see we're already passing the coast of spain.


Shortly after that, after almost 1 1/2 hours of flight, we start our descent from Flightlevel 390 towards LXGB.


For the approach we plan to fly in via PIMOS, TNG, LINTO and Fixpoints Charlie and Victor then turning to 360° and when reaching X-Ray we make the final turn

to heading 090°.


Here we have just passed Victor and are now flying towards X-Ray to make the final turn for runway 09. The Flaps are already extendent to 1 and

we're slowing down to our approachspeed of 119kt.


Now we're about 5 miles southwest of LXGB.


Now as we have passed X-Ray the aircraft is ready for landing and it are just a few seconds untill we do so.

If we look carefully at this picture we can see that the airports famous road is closed already and that the runway is cleared for our landing.


A few seconds later...


Touchdown. Now we need to use almost full brakes to get the Airbus to its full stop befor we reach the end of the 1780 meters long runway 09.bild16z.jpg

But of cause we are good pilots and so it's no problem for us to stop the Airbus in time.

We taxt to the gate and finally we only need to turn the aircraft of.

Here we can see the results of our flight. The Airbus is parked at the gate and we have brought our guests to their destination in time.



I hope you have enjoyed my little story.;)

Thank you for reading


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Hi Emi,

great story and very nice pictures (and a very nice new PC)! ;)

Thank you for your story ...



"Thank you that you're flying with mypainting"

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Great pictures! Nice graphics; i want to see more :D

Kannst du bekommen wenn du dich bis morgen gedulden kannst...

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Nice one Emi, could be a nice demonstration flight for the A320X

You should do some more stories like this, maybe also with other aircrafts

Well, many regards


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Nice shots!

Only the results of the climate change visible on the map are a bit shocking - France has turned into a desert already.

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